Delhi - Kabul Flight Schedule

Airline Dep - Arr Days Duration & Stops

DELKBL Air India (AI 243) 12:35 - 13:35 MT-TFSS 1h & Non Stop Book now

DELKBL (4Q 244) 14:20 - 15:40 -TW---S 1h 20m & Non Stop Book now

DELKBL (RQ 116) 14:30 - 15:30 MTWTFSS 1h & Non Stop Book now

DELKBL Emirates (EK 513) 04:10 - 13:15 -TW-F-- 9h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

DELKBL FlyDubai (FZ 432) 10:05 - 07:40 --WT--S 21h 35m & 1 Stop Book now

DELKBL Emirates (EK 511) 10:35 - 13:15 -TW---S 26h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

DELKBL Jet (9W 546) 11:05 - 06:50 -TW--S- 19h 45m & 1 Stop Book now

DELKBL Emirates (EK 517) 16:10 - 13:15 M-W---S 21h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

DELKBL Jet (9W 548) 19:45 - 06:50 MTWT-SS 11h 5m & 1 Stop Book now

DELKBL Emirates (EK 515) 21:20 - 13:15 MTWT--S 15h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

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About Delhi (DEL)

"Delhi is a city which shows you two different sides of the world. One side reflects the Islamic India and other the British Raj. These two worlds can be seen in two parts of Delhi, one is 'The Old Delhi' and other is 'New Delhi'. Being the capital of India, Delhi boasts of various attractions for tourists. The city is a perfect blend of the present and past of India as here you can find the ancient heritages and historical monuments. All the attractions of this vibrant city reflect some of the most enchanting and true colours of Indian Culture. It is also a perfect place for those who want to study on various dynasties as Delhi was ruled by them in the past. With presence of the cultural beauties, Delhi is also referred as 'the Multicultural City'. To get a glace of its historical beauties, Delhi has various attractions like India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar and Old Fort also known as 'Purana Qila'. The religious values and beliefs of people can be seen throughout the city as you can find number of temples, Gurudawaras and Mosques. Lotus temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Akshardham temple, Iscon temple, Gurudawara Seesh Ganj, Bangla sahib Gurudawara and Nizamuddin Dargah are some of the most renowned religious places in the city where you can go and worship Lords. The warm hospitality and vivacious nightlife will surely attract your attention and make you fall in love with this majestic city. Beside all these things, the finger-licking cuisines are also something which you love to talk about. You can book flights at very economical price only through MakeMyTrip India


About Kabul (KBL)

There is hardly any city in the world which has changed its face over night as Kabul. Kabul has been hailed as a star city due to its sight' projections in several A-rated movies in Bollywood and Hollywood. Being the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul boasts of many attractions. Being the main and prominent city, it is also the hub of cultural and trade sector of the country. Lying on the banks of River Kabul, the city has been the capital of the country since 1776. The real and ancient charm of this majestic city was destroyed badly during the various wars which happened from the years of 1979 to 2001. But at present, the city is growing with a fast pace and you can witness the changes in the terms of tall towers and big shopping malls. It has been seen that Kabul has lost its real worth in the eyes of travelers in the last 25 years. Due to the wars, the economy of the city was badly affected which resulted in its bad infrastructure, pathetic roads, bad electricity and water services and many other shortcomings. Destroyed to ashes by human hands, Kabul is on its way to renewal and rebirth to once again gain its life and vitality. There are still a number of beautiful places for the tourists to spend their holidays. Places like Kabul Museum, Kabul Bala Hisar, Gardens of Babur, ARG Citadel and Kabul Zoo are here to provide a pleasant stay. Here, you will also come across many ancient mosques such as Id Gah Mosque, Shah-Do-Shamshira Mosque, Pul-e Khishti Mosque, and Sherpur Mosque. Due to its pleasant climate, one can visit Kabul throughout the year. People of this part love to fly kites and Buskashi. The entire city is surrounded by the lofty mountains therefore you always get picturesque views. To book your flights to Kabul, you can simply log onto which is India's leading online travel portal. Here, you can also book your entire Kabul tour packages at reasonable prices. So, don't look here and there, save your precious time and money via MakeMyTrip and enjoy a comfortable tour.