Oman Air Flight Schedule

Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

MCTGOI Oman Air (WY 209) Check Time -T-T-SS 3h 5m & Non Stop Book now

MCTCOK Oman Air (WY 225) Check Time MTWT-SS 3h 45m & Non Stop Book now

MCTBOM Oman Air (WY 201) Check Time MTWTFSS 2h 40m & Non Stop Book now

MCTBLR Oman Air (WY 281) Check Time MTWTFSS 3h 40m & Non Stop Book now

MCTDXB Oman Air (WY 601) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

MCTLKO Oman Air (WY 261) Check Time M--TF-S 3h 30m & Non Stop Book now

MCTHYD Oman Air (WY 235) Check Time MTWTFSS 3h 30m & Non Stop Book now

MCTMAA Oman Air (WY 251) Check Time MTWTFSS 3h 55m & Non Stop Book now

MCTDEL Oman Air (WY 241) Check Time MTWTFSS 3h 10m & Non Stop Book now

MCTTRV Oman Air (WY 211) Check Time M-WTF-- 4h & Non Stop Book now

Oman AirOman Air, the national carrier of Sultanate of Oman’s Civil Aviation sector, started its operations in the year 1993. Presently, it has emerged as one of the prominent carriers of the world, making Muscat a hub for tourism and commercial activities. Oman Air flights are taking passengers from all over the world to the destinations of their choice and these include London, Milan, Dubai and New Delhi. There are several benefits awaiting those who choose to purchase air tickets of Oman Air. Not only the airline has low air fare, but it also offers benefits like web check-in and access to luxurious lounges. Like most major airlines, Oman Air manages a fleet of Airbuses and Boeings along with Embraer aircrafts and ATRs. Each of them is equipped with requisite facilities for passengers. The airline is known for providing an array of delicacies to the passengers from across the world. In addition to this, in-flight entertainment keeps all age groups happy, making air travel a pleasurable experience. With the use of online booking facility, travellers can plan their trip with ease. The schedule for Oman Air is available on the official website and it allows fliers to choose the most convenient way to reach their endpoint.

Destination & Services

Oman Air flights cater to more than 25 nations across the globe and with its excellent services it has managed to garner a huge customer base. The airline flies passengers to several cities in Asia, Europe and Africa. Some of the major destinations include Egypt, Zanzibar, Male, Colombo, Manila, Bangkok and Dubai. In addition, air tickets can also be purchased for cities like Paris, London, Milan, Zurich and Frankfurt. Oman Air caters to many Indian cities, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kozhikode and Hyderabad. Owing to its codeshare agreement with carriers, like Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines and Qatar Airways, travellers can reach several destinations with ease through regular schedule flights. The air fare on this airline is not very high, therefore it is becoming a popular choice with not just budget travellers but also for those who prefer to travel first class. The latter makes this choice because the amenities offered on board are beyond compare. The facility of online booking ensures that travellers from all over the world are able to enjoy the amenities offered by this carrier. Oman Air is well on its way to becoming one of the most sought-after airlines in the world.


The fleet of Oman Air comprises of 23 aircrafts. Oman Air includes 3 Airbus A330-200, 3 Airbus A330-300, 2 ATR 42-500, 2 Boeing 737-700 and 13 Boeing 737-800. The flights of Oman Air also operate via code-share agreements with Gulf Air, Emirates, and Malaysia Airlines. Some of the exclusive deals of Oman Air flights are with the aircrafts that operate to and fro between Oman and several cities of Middle East. Oman Air low-cost flights can be a perfect choice to travel in UAE and other regional cities.

Baggage Allowance

Recently, Oman Air has announced an increase in its general baggage allowance. For Economy Classthe baggage allowance is 30 kilograms, for Business Class it is 50 kilograms and for First Class travel it is 50 kilograms. This latest baggage allowance policy applies to all Oman Air flights to all the 34 destinations across Europe, Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Additionally, for all premium members with frequent flyer programmes, there is an extra 20 kilograms allowance for Gold Members and for Silver members it is 15 kilograms.

Awards & Recognition

Oman Air has been awarded the Oman award for Excellence, for being the tourism promoter for the year 2001.Oman Air has also received its third "FFP Innovation Award" at the annual Frequent Flyer Conference which took place on March 11, 2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. British Airways honors Ground Handling Department of Oman Aviation Services for their excellence in services provided to British Airways customers at Muscat International Airport.

Oman Air History

Established in the year 1970, Oman Air has expanded rapidly. In 1993, Oman Air started its operation with a merger of Oman International Services and Gulf Air Light Aircraft Division.