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vijayawada to bangalore Fare trends over the next 30 days
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Minimum 41 flights fly from vijayawada to bangalore every day
Reach your destination early by taking the earliest flight at 07:15:00
Reach your destination late night by taking the last flight at 17:30:00
It will take minimum 1h 5m to fly from vijayawada to bangalore
Lowest Airfare from vijayawada to bangalore in the next 30 days is Rs 1,531.00
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Vijayawada (VGA) to Bangalore (BLR) Flights, Cheap Air Tickets from Vijayawada to Bangalore

Vijayawada Bangalore Flights Information

Vijayawada is known as a very high populated city in Andhra Pradesh while Bangalore is known for its western methods and western culture. The routes consist of various adventures and sceneries which can be viewed while travelling. On estimation, there are about 59 flights which depart from Vijayawada to Bangalore.

Vijayawada to Bangalore is long journey for about a distance of 660Kms on estimation. It takes about 2hrs to 3hrs 40minutes to cover a distance of 660kms but it varies with different flights taking different routes. The timings quite differ between an hour and so depending upon the routes taken. But the approx timings range between 9hrs 35min to 14hrs.

As the flight starts from the boarding points of Vijayawada lands in the dropping points of Bangalore has a list of direct as well as indirect flights. People get down at the required places from where they go on their own to their destinations.

The first flight which departs from Vijayawada is at 09:20AM which is the flight of spicejet and reaches Bangalore at 11:15 AM taking duration of about 1 hr 55minutes while the last flight which departs from Vijayawada is at 08:15PM and reaches Bangalore at 10:15PM taking duration of about 2hrs is the flight of Air India 544. The fares of the flights departing from Vijayawada ranges from 13899 to 40049 Indian rupees depending on the flights the customer chooses depending on the budget.

The airport code for Vijayawada is VGA which allows only domestic planes to land while the airport code for Bangalore is BLR while allows the landing of domestic as well as international flights. The routes usually are the stoppages in which the flight halts for some time and provides the customers to feed on in the stations.

Bangalore is a place which includes not only employment but also provides a lot of opportunities in educational Sectors too. It also has highly advanced technologies which enhances the chances of education in educational sectors. It has immense flora and fauna as well as monuments like chowmahallah palace, charminar to visit which enhances the external as well as the internal look too.

Restaurants and hotels here are the main flightiness sectors which contribute a lot to the GDP of India and the state too. They are main source of income for Bangalore with some halls which are world famous. They provide excellent service and dress materials which leave an option for the visitors to buy.

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