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  • Mohit Kabra

    mohit kabra Chief Financial Officer

    To drive & sustain a high growth culture its not just important to do things well but also to continuously improve & innovate ways of doing things.

  • Sharat Singh

    sharat singh chief technology officer

    to achieve anything worthwhile requires hard work, perseverance and common sense

  • Ranjeet Oak

    ranjeet oakchief business officer - holidays

    high energy, right attitude, and keeping customer at the centre of all you do, delivers success.

  • Yuvaraj Srivastava

    yuvaraj srivastavachief human resource officer

    our focus on inclusiveness & empowerment enables our people to create success stories for themselves and the organisation.

  • Pranav Bhasin

    pranav bhasin senior vice president - online product

    an essential aspect of innovation is not being afraid to fail. at mmt, innovation is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Ritwik Khare

    ritwik kharesenior vice president & head : business development - hotels

    delivering the best products and experiences for our customer drives us to work hard every day. at mmt, customer is king!

  • Deep Kalra

    deep kalra Chairman & Group CEO

    passion for winning goes beyond merely chasing targets and achieving them. it's the zest and zeal with which one goes about the achievement. it's not only about winning, it's about dominating!

  • Rajesh Magow

    rajesh magow Co-Founder & CEO – India

    accountability is about taking full responsibility for your actions. at mmt, we aim to provide an environment that encourages fearless decision-making and complete ownership!

  • Ted Jansen

    Ted JansenChief Executive Officer, EasyTo

    We thrive on innovation, on challenges, on opportunities to learn. Both individually and collaboratively. But what really drives us is the joy of delivering to our customers’ expectations.