3 Star Hotels in Jaipur

Best 3 Star Hotels, Jaipur

Hotel Amer View
Located around 9 km from Hawa Mahal and City Palace complex, Hotel Amer View has a business centre, conference room and multi-cuisine restau... more »
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Hotel Amer View-Hotel-Amer-View-Jaipur-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Amer View-Suite Room_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Amer View-Facade.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Amer View-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Amer View-Reception.jpg, Jaipur
Vesta Maurya Palace
3.2 km from Jaipur Railway Station, 11.5 km from Jaipur Airport, 1.9 km from Central Park, Restaurant, Business centre, Gift shop, Meeting r... more »
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Vesta Maurya Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Vesta Maurya Palace-Vesta_Maurya_Palace_Jaipur_Royal_Deluxe_Room_3_room.jpg, Jaipur Vesta Maurya Palace-Vesta_Maurya_Palace_Jaipur_Royal_Deluxe_Room_1_room.jpg, Jaipur Vesta Maurya Palace-Vesta_Maurya_Palace_Jaipur_Royal_Deluxe_Room_2_room.jpg, Jaipur
Ramada is 7 km from Jaipur railway station and 3.8 km from Hawa Mahal. Facilities offered here include restaurants, pool, internet and banqu... more »
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Ramada -Ramada-Suite-Room.jpg, Jaipur Ramada -Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Ramada -Gym.jpg, Jaipur Ramada -Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Jaipur Ramada -Club Room_room.jpg, Jaipur
Suryaa Villa -A Classic Heritage Hotel
Suryaa Villa, lying close to Birla Mandir, Raja Park, Hawa Mahal and Albert Hall Museum, , features Wi-Fi, multi-cuisine restaurant and swim... more »
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Suryaa Villa-Surya-villa-Junior-Suite-2.jpg, Jaipur Suryaa Villa-Surya-villa-Junior-Suite-3.jpg, Jaipur Suryaa Villa-Surya-villa-Junior-Suite-1.jpg, Jaipur Suryaa Villa-Courtyard.jpg, Jaipur Suryaa Villa-Suryaa_Villa_Jaipur_Deluxe_Double_Room_1_room.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Muskan Palace
Situated in Kanti Nagar, Jaipur, Hotel Muskan Palace can be reached in a few steps from Sindhi Camp Bus Station and about a 20 minute drive ... more »
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Hotel Muskan Palace-_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Muskan Palace-Hotel-Muskan-Palace-Family-Suite..jpg, Jaipur Hotel Muskan Palace-_Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Muskan Palace-_Hotel_Entrance_.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Muskan Palace-_Room_1.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Neelam
Pretty balconies line the four storey high building of Hotel Neelam. Its pink coloured exterior offers a stark contrast to the dull coloured... more »
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Hotel Neelam-Conference_Hall.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Neelam-Suite_Washroom.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Neelam-Executive_Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Neelam-Executive_Class_Twin_Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Neelam-Restaurant_1.jpg, Jaipur
RNB 1589 Jaipur
The RnB 1589 is a 3 star located in the pink city called, Jaipur. The hotel is 10 km away from the Jaipur Railway Station and 1 km away from... more »
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1589 Generation X-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur 1589 Generation X-1589-Generation-X-Jaipur-Deluxe.jpg, Jaipur 1589 Generation X-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur 1589 Generation X-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur 1589 Generation X-Room_3.jpg, Jaipur
Ginger Hotel - Jaipur
3.5 km from Jaipur Railway Station, 10.5 km from Jaipur Airport, in-house restaurant and gymnasium Located close to Anchor Mall, Ginger H... more »
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Ginger Hotel - Jaipur-Room_3_room.jpg, Jaipur Ginger Hotel - Jaipur-Ginger-Hotel-Mysore-sinle-room_room.jpg, Jaipur Ginger Hotel - Jaipur-23-10-13 10-34-38 AM.jpg, Jaipur Ginger Hotel - Jaipur-Room_2_room.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Maharaja Residancy
6 km from Jaipur Railway Station, 6.2 km from Nahargarh Fort, 11 km from Hawa Mahal Location Hotel Maharaja Residancy is located in Pratap N... more »
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Hotel Maharaja Residancy-Conference_Hall.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Maharaja Residancy-Restaurant_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Maharaja Residancy-Restaurant_3.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Maharaja Residancy-Restaurant_4.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Maharaja Residancy-Washroom_1.jpg, Jaipur
Sugan Niwas Palace
Location The hotel is located in the Bani Park area, right behind the Central Bus Stand, and is 1 km from the Jaipur Railway Station, and 12... more »
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Sugan Niwas Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Sugan Niwas Palace-Corridor.jpg, Jaipur Sugan Niwas Palace-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Sugan Niwas Palace-Suite_Bedroom_1.jpg, Jaipur Sugan Niwas Palace-Pathways.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Mosaic
Location Located in the heart of the city on Sirsi Road in Vaishali Nagar, Hotel Mosaic is 5 kms from the main bus stand, 5 kms from the rai... more »
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Hotel Mosaic-Deluxe_Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Mosaic-Superior_Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Mosaic-Dining_Hall_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Mosaic-Superior_Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Mosaic-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur
Nahargarh Haveli
About 2.7 km from the railway station, Nahargarh Haveli offers Wi-Fi and has two restaurants. City Palace and Hawa Mahal lie within its 4.5... more »
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Hotel Nahargarh Haveli & Resorts Pvt Ltd-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Nahargarh Haveli & Resorts Pvt Ltd-Hotel-Nahargarh-Haveli-Resorts-Pvt-Ltd-Jaipur-Super-Deluxe- Hotel Nahargarh Haveli & Resorts Pvt Ltd-Hotel-Nahargarh-Haveli-Resorts-Pvt-Ltd-Jaipur-Super-Deluxe- Hotel Nahargarh Haveli & Resorts Pvt Ltd-200x150_Hotel_Nahargarh_Haveli_Resorts_Jaipur_Room_2.jpg, J Hotel Nahargarh Haveli & Resorts Pvt Ltd-200x150_Hotel_Nahargarh_Haveli_Resorts_Jaipur_Room_1.jpg, J
Hotel Kings Corner
Situated at Raja Park, Jaipur, Hotel Kings Corner offers well-furnished accommodations with all the possible comfort facilities of the gues... more »
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Hotel Kings Corner-Exterior_View_.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Kings Corner-Hotel-Kings-Corner-Deluxe.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Kings Corner-Hotel-Kings-Corner-Deluxe-Royal-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Kings Corner-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Kings Corner-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur
Lal Mahal Palace
A hunting lodge and a forest retreat of the erstwhile rulers of Jaipur, today the Lal Mahal Palace is a unique heritage hotel offers comfort... more »
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Lal Mahal Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Lal Mahal Palace-Restaurant.jpg, Jaipur Lal Mahal Palace-Suite_1.jpg, Jaipur Lal Mahal Palace-Suite_2.jpg, Jaipur Lal Mahal Palace-Tent_Room.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Shyam Paradise
Conveniently located in the heart of the heritage city, Jaipur, Hotel Shyam Paradise offers its guests memorable and an everlasting experie... more »
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Hotel Shyam Paradise-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Shyam Paradise-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Shyam Paradise-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Shyam Paradise-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Shyam Paradise-Reception_Cum_Lobby.jpg, Jaipur

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