3 Star Hotels in Goa

Best 3 Star Hotels, Goa

New Ginger Tree Beach Resort
New Ginger Tree Beach Resort, just 1 km from Candolim Beach, 3 kms from Calangute Beach, features a restaurant and bar, conference hall, po... more »
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New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New-Ginger-Tree-Beach-Resort-Goa-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Goa New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New_Ginger_Tree_Beach_Resort_Standard_Bedroom_2_room.jpg, Goa New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New_Ginger_Tree_Beach_Resort_Standard_Bedroom_1_room.jpg, Goa New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New_Ginger_Tree_Beach_Resort_Standard_Bedroom_4_room.jpg, Goa
Carina Beach Resort
This family-run resort has 32 rooms, well-appointed and heated with solar energy. Its restaurants serve an array of cuisine, including auth... more »
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Carina Beach Resort-Room.jpg, Goa Carina Beach Resort-200x150_Carina_Beach_Resort_Goa_Room.jpg, Goa Carina Beach Resort-Exterior_View_6.jpg, Goa Carina Beach Resort-Swimming_Pool.jpg, Goa Carina Beach Resort-Exterior_View_5.jpg, Goa
Silver Sands Beach Resort
A stone's throw away from Colva Beach, Silver Sands Beach Resort has a conference hall, pool, gym, Wi-Fi facility, restaurants and bar. Sil... more »
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Silver Sands Beach Resort-Suite.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Suite_1.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Suite_3.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Standard_Room_1.jpg, Goa Silver Sands Beach Resort-Superior_Room_1.jpg, Goa
Ginger Tree Goveia Resort
400 m from Anjuna bus stop, 2.9 km from Baga Beach, Wi-Fi (free), Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Poolside bar, Ayurvedi... more »
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Ginger Tree Goveia Resort-Ginger_Tree_Goveia_Resort_Goa_Standard_Suite_room1377684376666.jpg, Goa Goveia Hoilday Homes - Managed by Ginger Tree-200x150_Goveia_Holiday_Homes_Villa_Suite_.jpg, Goa Goveia holiday homes Managed by Ginger tree-Goveia-Hoilday-Homes-Managed-by-Ginger-Tree-Standard.jpg Goveia holiday homes Managed by Ginger tree-Goveia_Holiday_Homes_Resort_Standard_Suite_Bedroom_4_roo Goveia holiday homes Managed by Ginger tree-Goveia-Hoilday-Homes-Managed-By-Ginger-Tree-Goa-2-Bhk-1-
Sea Breeze Inn
Offering swimming pool, restaurants, bar, doctor-on-call and laundry, Seabreeze Inn lies within a walking distance from the Calangute Beach ... more »
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Sea Breeze Inn-Restaurant.jpg, Goa Sea Breeze Inn-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Sea Breeze Inn-Room_1.jpg, Goa Sea Breeze Inn-Swimmimg_Pool_1.jpg, Goa Sea Breeze Inn-Room_2.jpg, Goa
Hotel Colva Kinara
950 m from Colva Beach, 4.3 km from Betalbatim Beach, 4.9 km from Sunset Beach, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Conference-cum-banquet hall Wine b... more »
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Hotel Colva Kinara-Exterior_View_1__.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Exterior_View_2_.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Lobby_.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Restaurant_1_.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Restaurant_2_.jpg, Goa
Longuinhos Beach Resort
Located just 1.2 km from Colva bus stand, Longuinhos Beach Resort offers facilities like Wi-Fi, spa, swimming pool, restaurant and private ... more »
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Longuinhos Beach Resort-Longuinhos-Beach-Resort-Goa-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Longuinhos-Beach-Resort-Goa-Ac-Suite-Room-2.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Longuinhos-Beach-Resort-Goa-Ac-Suite-Room-1.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Longuinhos-Beach-Resort-Goa-Ac-Suite-Room-4.jpg, Goa Longuinhos Beach Resort-Longuinhos-Beach-Resort-Goa-Ac-Deluxe-Room-1.jpg, Goa
Goa Marine Resort
Goa Marine Resort, situated in Mormugao region of Goa, is a 20-minute drive from Vasco-da-Gama Railway Station. Guests can seek blessings a... more »
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Goa Marine Resort -Exterior_View.jpg, Goa Goa Marine Resort -Entrance_Area.jpg, Goa Goa Marine Resort -Room_1.jpg, Goa Goa Marine Resort -Room_2.jpg, Goa Goa Marine Resort -Room_3.jpg, Goa
Chalston Beach Resort
It is located near one of the most popular beach of Goa at Calangute. It has distance of 42 kilometres from Dabolim Airport and 30 kilometre... more »
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Chalston Beach Resort-200x150_Chalston_Beach_Resort_Goa_Room_Large_Ac.jpg, Goa Chalston Beach Resort-200x150_Chalston_Beach_Resort_Goa_Room_Standard_Ac.jpg, Goa Chalston Beach Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Chalston Beach Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa Chalston Beach Resort-Entrance_Area.jpg, Goa
Sanders Apartments D11 Villa Vera
A 3 star service apartment Sanders Apartments at D11 Villa Vera, consists of a well-maintained swimming pool and a fully equipped gymnasium.... more »
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Sanders Apartments D11 Villa Vera-Balcony_Sitting_Area.jpg, Goa Sanders Apartments D11 Villa Vera-Room_1.jpg, Goa Sanders Apartments D11 Villa Vera-Room_2.jpg, Goa Sanders Apartments D11 Villa Vera-Living_Area.jpg, Goa Sanders Apartments D11 Villa Vera-Kitchen_Area.jpg, Goa
The Pearls Oceanique Resort
Lying in proximity to the Margao Railway Station, this hotel features a multi-functional hall, health club, pool, restaurant and bars. Loca... more »
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The Pearls Oceanique Resort-Resort_Exterior_2.jpg, Goa The Pearls Oceanique Resort-Resort_Exterior_4.jpg, Goa The Pearls Oceanique Resort-Resort_Exterior_5.jpg, Goa The Pearls Oceanique Resort-Lobby_2.jpg, Goa The Pearls Oceanique Resort-Lobby_1.jpg, Goa
The Fern Beira Mar Resort
A luxury property, 1.4 km from Bus Stand, 2.5 km from Holy Trinity Church Located close to Benaulim Beach, The Fern Beira Mar Resort feat... more »
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The Fern Beira Mar Resort-The_Fern_Beira_Mar_Resort_Goa_Fern_Club_Cottage_room.jpg, Goa The Fern Beira Mar Resort-The_Fern_Beira_Mar_Resort_Goa_Winter_Green_Cottage_room.jpg, Goa The Fern Beira Mar Resort-Facade1394453089261.jpg, Goa The Fern Beira Mar Resort-Exterior_View1394453088846.jpg, Goa The Fern Beira Mar Resort-Exterior_View_11394453088861.jpg, Goa
Resorte Marinha Dourada
Only 3 km away from Baga Beach, Resorte Marinha Dourada has a health club, swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant and bars. Resorte Marinh... more »
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Resorte Marinha Dourada-Resorte_Marinha_Dourada_Goa_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Goa Resorte Marinha Dourada-Exterior_View_At_Night.jpg, Goa Resorte Marinha Dourada-Hotel_Overview.jpg, Goa Resorte Marinha Dourada-Exterior_View.jpg, Goa Resorte Marinha Dourada-Entrance_View.jpg, Goa
Soul Vacation - A Concept Hotel
550 m from Colva Beach, 1.1 km from Our Lady of Merces Church, 5 km from Seraulim Railway Station, Gymnasium, Spa, Restaurant, Bar Soul Vac... more »
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Soul Vacation - A Concept Hotel-Soul-Vacation-A-Concept-Hotel-Goa-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Goa Soul Vacation - A Concept Hotel-Soul-Vacation-A-Concept-Hotel-Goa-Luxury-Room.jpg, Goa Soul Vacation - A Concept Hotel-Cottage_Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Soul Vacation - A Concept Hotel-Cottage_Exterior_View_2.jpg, Goa Soul Vacation - A Concept Hotel-Entrance.jpg, Goa
Santana Beach Resort
Just a 15 minutes' drive from Calangute Beach, Santana Beach Resort provides Ayurvedic massage, pools, poolside bar and a restaurant. Santa... more »
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Santana Beach Resort-Exterior_View.jpg, Goa Santana Beach Resort-Santana-Beach-Resort-Goa-Standard-Room-With-Cab.jpg, Goa Santana Beach Resort-Santana-Beach-Resort-Suite-Pool-View.jpg, Goa Santana Beach Resort-Santana-Beach-Resort-Stnd-Room.jpg, Goa Santana Beach Resort-Santana-Beach-Resort-Room-1.jpg, Goa

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