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New Ginger Tree Beach Resort

Located 1.5 km from Candolim beach and 5 km away from Calangute Beach- two of the most popular beaches in Goa, New Ginger Tree Beach Resort ... more »
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New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New-Ginger-Tree-Beach-Resort-Goa-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Goa New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New_Ginger_Tree_Beach_Resort_Standard_Bedroom_2_room.jpg, Goa New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New_Ginger_Tree_Beach_Resort_Standard_Bedroom_1_room.jpg, Goa New Ginger Tree Beach Resort-New_Ginger_Tree_Beach_Resort_Standard_Bedroom_4_room.jpg, Goa

Sinq Beach Resort Earlier Known As Jewel Inn and Spa

Jewel Inn & Spa, newly renovated is now being re branded as SINQ BEACH RESORT. The Resort with a total of 55 rooms is located within walki... more »
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Jewel Inn and Spa-Jewel-Inn-and-Spa-Goa-Deluxe-Ac-With-Cab.jpg, Goa Sinq Beach Resort Earlier Known As Jewel Inn and Spa-Deluxe Ac_room.jpg, Goa Sinq Beach Resort Earlier Known As Jewel Inn and Spa-Bathroom 1_room.jpg, Goa Sinq Beach Resort Earlier Known As Jewel Inn and Spa-Bathroom 2_room.jpg, Goa Sinq Beach Resort Earlier Known As Jewel Inn and Spa-Deluxe Room 1_room.jpg, Goa

Hotel Colva Kinara

950 m from Colva Beach, 4.3 km from Betalbatim Beach, 4.9 km from Sunset Beach, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Conference-cum-banquet hall Wine b... more »
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Hotel Colva Kinara-Hotel_Colva_Kinara_Goa_Double_Deluxe_Ac_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Facade.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Lounge.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Conference Hall.jpg, Goa Hotel Colva Kinara-Conference Hall 1.jpg, Goa

Ginger Hotel - Goa

11.7 km from Carambolim railway station, 600 m from Kadamba Bus Terminus, 6.3 km from Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, 9.5 km from Basilica of ... more »
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Ginger Hotel - Goa-200x150_Ginger_Hotel_Goa_Standard_Room.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-Ginger-Hotel-Faridabad-last-Minute-Single.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-200x150_Agartala_Room_1.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-Ginger-Hotel-Faridabad-last-Minute-Double-1.jpg, Goa Ginger Hotel - Goa-Ginger-Hotel-Faridabad-last-Minute-Double-2.jpg, Goa

North 16

1.7 km from Calangute Beach, 2.5 km from Baga Beach, Swimming pool, Kids' pool, Fitness centre, Boardroom, Meeting hall, Poolside bar, Resta... more »


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Hotel Swissotel-Hotel-Swissotel-Goa-Grand-Room.jpg, Goa Hotel Swissotel-Hotel-Swissotel-Goa-Room.jpg, Goa Hotel Swissotel-Hotel-Swissotel-Goa-Room.jpg, Goa North 16-North 16 Deluxe Super_room.jpg, Goa North 16-Deluxe Super_room.jpg, Goa

Neelam's The Grand

Neelams The Grand features pool, gymnasium, beauty parlour, spa and multi-cuisine restaurant. Its at a 15 minutes drive from Fort Aguada. N... more »
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Neelam's The Grand-Neelam-The-Grand-Suite-Living-Room.jpg, Goa Neelam's The Grand-Neelam-The-Grand-Suite-Room.jpg, Goa Neelam's The Grand-Neelam-The-Grand-Goa-Room.jpg, Goa Neelam's The Grand-Neelams_The_Grand_Superior_Deluxe_AC_Bedroom_2_room.jpg, Goa Neelam's The Grand-Neelams_The_Grand_Superior_Deluxe_AC_Bedroom_1_room.jpg, Goa

Palmarinha Resort and Suites

2.7 km from Calangute Beach, 3.9 km from Aprora Market, Conference hall, Business centre, 2 Swimming pools, Wi-Fi, 2 Restaurants, Bar, Libra... more »
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Palmarinha Resort and Suites-Palmarinha-Resort-and-Suites-Goa-1-Bed-Room-Suite-1.jpg, Goa Palmarinha Resort and Suites-200x150_Palmarinha_Resort_And_Suites_Goa_One_Bedroom_Suites.jpg, Goa Palmarinha Resort and Suites-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Goa Palmarinha Resort and Suites-Palmarinha_Resort_N_Suites_Deluxe_Bedroom_2_room.jpg, Goa

Ginger Tree Goveia Resort

Goveia Holiday Homes, located in Candolim, is a 3 star property that promises to offer a comfortable stay to guests. Famous Goa beaches such... more »
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Ginger Tree Goveia Resort-Ginger_Tree_Goveia_Resort_Goa_Standard_Suite_room1377684376666.jpg, Goa Goveia Hoilday Homes - Managed by Ginger Tree-200x150_Goveia_Holiday_Homes_Villa_Suite_.jpg, Goa Goveia holiday homes Managed by Ginger tree-Goveia-Hoilday-Homes-Managed-by-Ginger-Tree-Standard.jpg Goveia holiday homes Managed by Ginger tree-Goveia_Holiday_Homes_Resort_Standard_Suite_Bedroom_4_roo Goveia holiday homes Managed by Ginger tree-Goveia-Hoilday-Homes-Managed-By-Ginger-Tree-Goa-2-Bhk-1-

Le Seasons Resort

4 km from Fort Aguada, 1.7 km from Candolim bus stop, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Conference facility Le Seasons Be... more »
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Le Seasons Beach Resort-200x150_Le_Seasons_Beach_Resort_Goa_Suite.jpg, Goa Le Seasons Beach Resort-Hotel_Le_Seasons_Beach_Resort_Premier_Bedroom_3_room.jpg, Goa

Neelam The Glitz

1.9 km from Calangute Beach, 3.1 km from Aprora Market, 6.1 km from Fort Aguada Located in proximity to some of the most remarkable beaches... more »
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Neelam The Glitz-Neelam-The-Glitz-Suite-Room-.jpg, Goa Neelam The Glitz-Neelam_The_Glitz_Superior_Deluxe_Bedroom_3_room.jpg, Goa Neelam The Glitz-Neelam_The_Glitz_Superior_Deluxe_Washroom_2_room.jpg, Goa

Nagoa Grande Resort

A 4 star property, located 4.5 km from Calangute Beach and 5.4 km from Seminary of Our Lady Church Few minutes away from Calangute and Anju... more »
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Nagoa Grande Resort-Hotel_Nagoa_Grande_Resort_Goa_Superior_Bedroom1_room.jpg, Goa Nagoa Grande Resort-Hotel_Nagoa_Grande_Resort_Goa_Superior_Bedroom2_room.jpg, Goa

juSTa Panjim

Located within a 45-minute drive from Dabolim Airport of Goa, JuSTa Panjim is easily accessible and offers utmost comfort. Rated 3 star, thi... more »
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Justa Panjim-Room_7_room.jpg, Goa Justa Panjim-Room_2_room.jpg, Goa Justa Panjim-Justa_Panjim_Goa_Club_Room_room.jpg, Goa Justa Panjim-Justa_Panjim_Goa_Superior_Room_room.jpg, Goa

Hotel Windsor Bay

"Calangute Beach is just 250-300 mts. Walk in to the beach is 5-7 minutes. Hotel Windsor Bay offers tastefully decorated and well-appointed... more »
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Hotel Windsor Bay-Deluxe Room_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Windsor Bay-Pool View_room.jpg, Goa Hotel Windsor Bay-200910051601339958_Hotel Windsor Bay_Facade_Image2.jpg, Goa Hotel Windsor Bay-200910051601339958_Hotel Windsor Bay_Facade_Image1.jpg, Goa Hotel Windsor Bay-200910051601339958_Hotel Windsor Bay_Reception_Image2.jpg, Goa

Ramada Caravela Beach Resort

Overlooking the Varca Beach, Ramada Caravela offers a fitness centre, conference hall with internet facility, restaurants and bars. Nestle... more »


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Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Hotel_Ramada_Caravela_Goa_Suite_Interior_room.jpg, Goa Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Ramada-Caravela-Beach-Resort-Goa-Standard-Room.jpg, Goa Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Ramada-Caravela-Beach-Resort-Goa-Superior-Room.jpg, Goa Ramada Caravela Beach Resort-Hotel_Ramada_Caravela_Goa_Suite_room.jpg, Goa

Phoenix Park Inn Resort

Offering true value for money services and warm hospitality, Phoenix Park Inn Resort is one of the most popular properties in the area. Loca... more »
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Phoenix Park Inn Resort-Phoenix_Park_Inn_Resort_Goa_Standard_Room1_room.jpg, Goa Phoenix Park Inn Resort-Pheonix-Park-Inn-Goa-Superior-Room.jpg, Goa Phoenix Park Inn Resort-200x150_Phoenix_Park-Inn_Resort_Goa_Premium_Room.jpg, Goa Phoenix Park Inn Resort-200x150_Phoenix_Park-Inn_Resort_Goa_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Goa Phoenix Park Inn Resort-Phoenix_Park_Inn_Resort_Goa_Standard_Room_room.jpg, Goa
Hotels in Goa : 1172, Goa Hotels Booking Online | Book Budget, Luxury, Star & Cheap Hotels in Goa, India

Goa Hotels Overview:

Have a fun-filled stay at hotels in Goa

Known for its sun kissed beaches, scenic landscapes and relaxed lifestyle, Goa, is a perfect definition of what an interesting vacation destination should be. Goan residents are full of life and possess a laid back attitude. The city still has traces of colonial touches in its architecture and ways of living which the Portuguese have left behind while leaving Goa, which was ruled by them for many years.


Known for its rich biodiversity, Goa is located along the Western coast of Indian peninsula. Flora constituting its surroundings and fauna thriving in its various wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are very much evident in the region. With an abundance of hotels in Goa, finding accommodation is quite an easy job. Hotels in Goa are available as per the individual needs and suitability of each person’s budget and requirements. While most Goa hotels are town based, selected ones offering outstanding sights and delights are located near the sea shores. Few hotels even have self-created beach areas touching their premises for the convenience of those staying in the hotel.


Best time to Visit

The best time of visiting Goa is between the months of October and early April. The peak season is Mid-December to Mid-Jan. The temperature might go beyond 32 degrees during the daytime, but the weather is just perfect. For those who wish to see the Goa Carnival festival, February and Early March are the best months. One can see the festivities being filled with parades, pageants and dancing.


Places to visit

Apart from the isolated and calm beaches, Goa is known for some vibrant beaches that offer various water sports activities. These include Anjuna, Candolim, Baga and Calangute beaches. These lie in the northern part of Goa and offer activities such as swimming, wind surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat riding and many more. There are also other attractions such as Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, Chapel of our Lady of Rosaryand, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Catherine Cathedral and Fort Aguada that are worth a visit. Tourist favorites One can indulge in water sports like jet skiing and diving at the beaches of Goa. Reasonably priced souvenirs can be purchased in the Goan markets. Goa is a shopper’s paradise where one has the option of shopping for exotic wines, cashews, brassware, exquisite jewellery, hand-painted ceramics and many more. After a totally tiring day one can put their feet up and enjoy the various relaxing and soothing spa therapies offered by Goa hotels. Goa is a must visit place for enjoying the experience of a lifetime.





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