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Hotel Park Hansa
Located in proximity to the railway station and famous Rambagh Palace, Hotel Park Hansa offers a restaurant, bar and internet facility. Sit... more »
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Hotel Park Hansa-Hotel_Park_Hansa_Jaipur_Cooler_Room1_room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Park Hansa-Exterior_View1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Park Hansa--Hotel-Park-Hansa-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Park Hansa-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Park Hansa-Hotel_Park_Hansa_Jaipur_Cooler_Room_Bathroom1_room.jpg, Jaipur
Best Western Plus Heritage Village
7.2 km from Jaipur Railway Station, 7.5 km from Nahargarh Fort, In-house multi-cuisine restaurant. Ideally located Near Vaisali Nagar, P... more »
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 Best Western Plus Heritage Village-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur  Best Western Plus Heritage Village-200x150_Best_Western_Plus_Heritage_Village_Jaipur_Cottage_Room.j  Best Western Plus Heritage Village-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur  Best Western Plus Heritage Village-Entrance_View.jpg, Jaipur  Best Western Plus Heritage Village-Room.jpg, Jaipur
Abhay Haveli
Abhay Haveli is situated at Chitrakoot near Vaishali Nagar in Jaipur. It has a distance of 15 kilometres from Jaipur Airport and 6 kilometre... more »
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Abhay Haveli-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaipur Abhay Haveli-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaipur Abhay Haveli-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Abhay Haveli-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Abhay Haveli-Room_3.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Golden Heritage
Situated at Sunder Path near Crystal Mall in Bani Park, Hotel Golden Heritage ensures to provide complete comfort and entertainment to the ... more »
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Hotel Golden Heritage-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Golden Heritage-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Golden Heritage-_Room_3.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Golden Heritage-Washroom.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Golden Heritage-Exterior.jpg, Jaipur
Siddharth Palace
Strategically situated at Saraswati Nagar, near Gold Souk at Jawahar Circle, Malviya Nagar in Jaipur, Hotel Siddharth Palace offers accommo... more »
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Siddharth Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Siddharth Palace-Siddharth-Palace-Jaipur-Deluxe.jpg, Jaipur Siddharth Palace-Siddharth-Palace-Jaipur-Premium_Room.jpg, Jaipur Siddharth Palace-Exterior_Night_View.jpg, Jaipur Siddharth Palace-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Anukampa
Hotel Anukampa is situated at a prime location of Mansarovar, Jaipur. It is famous for its central location and standard amenities. The hot... more »
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Hotel Anukampa-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Anukampa-Hotel-Anukampa-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Anukampa-Hotel-Anu-ampa-Superior-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Anukampa-Hotel-Anukampa-Standard-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Anukampa-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur
Bhola Bhawan
Bhola Bhawan Bed And Breakfast is situated in the cultural and business center of Jaipur close to several major historic landmarks, importan... more »


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Bhola Bhawan-l_1716_1346174921.jpg, Jaipur Bhola Bhawan-l_1716_1346174829.jpg, Jaipur Bhola Bhawan-l_1716_1346174768.jpg, Jaipur Bhola Bhawan-l_1716_1346174768.jpg, Jaipur Bhola Bhawan-l_1716_1346174732.jpg, Jaipur
Rajasthan Palace Hotel
Rajasthan Palace Hotel is known for the high end service it has been serving its visitors since 1989. Having spread its wings in Agra, Delhi... more »


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Rajasthan Palace Hotel-l_1540_1305291336.jpg, Jaipur Rajasthan Palace Hotel-l_1540_1305291235.jpg, Jaipur Rajasthan Palace Hotel-l_1540_1305291336.jpg, Jaipur Rajasthan Palace Hotel-l_1540_1348231613.jpg, Jaipur Rajasthan Palace Hotel-l_1540_1305291217.jpg, Jaipur
Rawla Mrignayani Palace
Mrignayani Palace is a part of 300 year old manificent and majestic Natwara Haveli. This Haveli (House) was built by Rao Kripa Ram of Chaksu... more »


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Rawla Mrignayani Palace-l_1567_1305261175.jpg, Jaipur Rawla Mrignayani Palace-l_1567_1305261225.jpg, Jaipur Rawla Mrignayani Palace-l_1567_1305261296.jpg, Jaipur Rawla Mrignayani Palace-l_1567_1305261378.jpg, Jaipur Rawla Mrignayani Palace-l_1567_1368007176.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Pratap- Inactive
Hotel Pratap is a budget hotel for leisure and business travelers located in Jaipur city. It is a centrally located property thereby making ... more »
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Hotel Pratap-l_1559_1304489323.JPG, Jaipur Hotel Pratap-l_1559_1371454592.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Pratap-l_1559_1371454657.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Pratap-l_1559_1371454723.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Pratap-l_1559_1371454535.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Ashish
1.2 km from Nahargarh Fort, 2 km from Sindhi Camp Bus Station, 2 km from Jaipur Railway Station, 4.2 km from Hawa Mahal. Hotel Ashish in th... more »
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Hotel Ashish-l_1388_1305366801.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Ashish-l_1388_1305366932.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Ashish-l_1388_1305366869.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Ashish-l_1388_1305366893.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Ashish-l_1388_1305366932.jpg, Jaipur
The Nangis Pride By Real Worth Hotels & Resorts
Comfort is the basic edifice based on which this hotel has been built in Jaipur. It is located at a distance of around 14 km from the Jaipur... more »
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The Nangis Pride By Real Worth Hotels & Resorts-l_1344_1301898880.jpg, Jaipur The Nangis Pride By Real Worth Hotels & Resorts-l_1344_1337602478.JPG, Jaipur The Nangis Pride By Real Worth Hotels & Resorts-l_1344_1337602601.JPG, Jaipur The Nangis Pride By Real Worth Hotels & Resorts-l_1344_1301899065.jpg, Jaipur The Nangis Pride By Real Worth Hotels & Resorts-l_1344_1345550575.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Utsav
Hotel Utsav is located at Vidyut Nagar near Swani Narayan Temple in the Pink City of Jaipur. The hotel has Deluxe rooms at the offering whic... more »

Hotel Utsav-l_3319_1331898517.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Utsav-l_3319_1331898460.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Utsav-l_3319_1331898486.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Utsav-l_3319_1332831270.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Utsav-l_3319_1332831289.jpg, Jaipur
Hotel Bella Vista
Hotel Bellavista stands ahead in providing complete leisure and comfort to the visitors with its well-furnished rooms and luxurious ameniti... more »
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Hotel Bella Vista-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Bella Vista-Hotel-Bella-Vista-Jaipur-Room.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Bella Vista-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Bella Vista-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Hotel Bella Vista-Room_3.jpg, Jaipur
Sunrise Dream World - Sapno Ri Dhani
Sunrise Dream World offers a remarkably multifaceted experience with its fusion of warm hospitable service, comfy guest rooms and central l... more »
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Sunrise Dream World - Sapno Ri Dhani-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaipur Sunrise Dream World - Sapno Ri Dhani-Room_1.jpg, Jaipur Sunrise Dream World - Sapno Ri Dhani-Room_2.jpg, Jaipur Sunrise Dream World - Sapno Ri Dhani-Room_3.jpg, Jaipur Sunrise Dream World - Sapno Ri Dhani-Room_4.jpg, Jaipur
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