Jetlite is primarily operated as a low cost carrier. The basic structure of JetLite's services is to offer its feature services in between the full service Airliner and a low cost carrier. The airline provides cheap air ticket services to its customers. It is important to get full-detailed information related to the flight which will further make your entire journey hassle-free. Passengers have to know about the Jetlite Web Check In timings as the boarding gates generally close at 25 minutes before the flight departure for all flights. So, it is important to clear all the security checks at least 45 minutes before the flight departure. At the time of the reservation, passengers will get booking reference number or the PNR (JetKonnect booking reference) which is the six letter code, provided during reservation. It is essential to enter in a format such as ABCDEF.

Currently, Jetlite Web Check In availability includes passengers holding a confirmed, valid e-Ticket only. At the time of the emergency, Web check-in facility will display the emergency exit and non-reclining seats. Passengers can get the information related to the list of cities and airports where Jetlite Web Check In is accessible and can be seen in the drop down while using the Web Check-in capacity. For the passengers, it is important to print a copy of the boarding pass of Jetlite Web Check In. They can print the same copy from the website before the travel date or time. Book your ticket and get detailed information related to the Jetlite web check-in.

A Guide to the terms and conditions for Jetlite's web check-in facility, rules & policies where you can book and select your seats only at