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Meena Nair

A simpleton - who loves to dream, who tries to be true to self in this mystical world of un-realities, who tries to find humor in every wake of life, one for whom words mean everything. Nothing can be more beautiful than words! Oh! And currently the passion is high on simplifying life 

Meena Nair's Blog Posts


Who doesn’t like peace and tranquillity, and when it is in a picturesque place like Goa, isn’t it an added bonus? Check out these tranq ... »

Do you often find yourself neck-deep in curiosity every time you board a flight? What kind of lives do the flight attendants lead? What happens if ... »


Born and brought up in Kohima, my fascination for the Northeast has only grown over the years despite the fact that I had left the region 20 years ... »


We had spent our childhood together but now the rigours of daily life were making it impossible for us to catch up even in months. So, wh ... »


This was one of the most-awaited holidays for me - taking my parents to Jammu and Kashmir. My mother had always cherished the beauty of the state b ... »


Have you ever noticed that the place you hail from would be the one you have explored the least? Being from Kerala, it never crossed us to travel t ... »


Our 18th anniversary was around the corner and the prospect of our annual ritual dinner seemed to be a boring option because our kids were out camp ... »


My husband and I are hard-core travel enthusiasts. He loves driving, and long weekends would often see us take to the road. But after years of self ... »


JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove is a celebration in itself. However, come Christmas and it’s time for a special extravaganza that extends ... »