The Wholesome Vacay Experience at The Manu Maharani, Nainital

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Last updated: May 21, 2018

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Do visit the Eco Cave Garden, which is 1.5 km from the hotel, to experience natural and manmade caves. Kids would definitely enjoy


Visit their Spa, which is considered the best in Nainital, for a revitalizing massage and sauna


The Pahari Store, at a distance of 1.8 km from the hotel has some of the best collections of candles, woollens and pickles. An apt place to pick up stuff for family and friends


Use wide angle lens so that you can capture the depth of the peaks in its entirety

Want To Go ? 

The Manu Maharani Hotel in Nainital comes across as quite a surprise because you are in a pristine location with this cosy hotel beautifully nestling amid huge mountains and the beautiful Naini Lake, and yet you’re just a short walk away from the busy Mall road. While guests simply love the ambience and warmth of the hotel, they are also fascinated by the various activities on offer. Here are some of the exciting things that you are in for if you are staying at Manu Maharani. 


Breathtaking views

Wake up each day to enthralling views, because from each of its 67 well-appointed luxurious rooms, you can either catch glimpses of the gigantic Himalayas or the peaceful Lake Naini. A sight to behold  when the morning rays of the sun fall on the Himalayas, bathing the valley in golden hues!  And as you shift your gaze, you will witness Lake Naini shimmering under the gaze of the morning sun, as a lone boatman rows by or a bunch of birds take flight.

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Mouth-watering food

Their 24-hour coffee shop is a hot favourite among guests, where they serve delicious culinary fare from across the world. And lo and behold! At night, the cafe turns into a full-fledged discotheque—a hot favourite among locals and tourists. Their multi-cuisine restaurant Panorama offers some exotic dishes specially prepared by in-house chefs combining Indian and Chinese flavours—a must-visit for sure.

Fun-filled entertainment

In case you are travelling with kids, this luxury hotel in Nainital has many treats – like magic shows, games, rides, etc. If you are a Ghazal lover, ask them to organize a special Ghazal night for you. Similarly, you can request for cultural evenings or even barbeque and bonfires, where you can play your favourite songs over crackling fire and yummy food.

Heart-thumping Biking

This is for all those biking freaks out there! At a mere 6-minutes distance from the hotel is the Nainital Bikers, where you can hire a bike right from morning till evening and zoom your way through the Himalayas. A huge variety of bikes are on offer—right from Royal Enfield Classic to Thunderbird to even single and double seated bicycles. Take your pick and enjoy the ride.

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Nothing like Trekking

The stunning Naina Peak, which is the highest hilltop, is something every tourist likes to cover and guess what, it is merely 20 minutes from Manu Maharani Hotel. Trek your way through lush green forests to reach the top, which is about 8,579 feet above sea level, from where you will get a bird’s eye view of the Nainital town. And what’s amazing is that you will realise Lake Naini is actually shaped like a mango. You also witness the Nandan Devi Peak and the mountains along the Tibet border. In case, you are not up to trekking, you can hire a cab.

A High Altitude Zoo

Have you ever climbed up a hill to see a tiger or a bear? Well, at Nainital Zoo, you can do just that. At a distance of 1.2 km from Manu Maharani Hotel and at about 2100 meters above sea level stands the only zoo in Uttarakhand, home to numerous endangered species. All these animals are either adopted by animal organizations or people. Hire a cab to reach a certain point, from where you can avail shuttle service or choose to walk. Once you reach the zoo, there is no choice but to walk and admire the animals. A caution for the weak hearted – the walk can get slightly strenuous.   

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