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Nitin Singhal

About our customer: I am 28- married- and a die-hard travel addict- at the very first available instance-i take the first road out of Delhi. Favorite destinations would include any not-so-visited destinations in the Uttaranchal/Himachal belt. I am also a bit into travel writing, and sincerely hope that one fine day- another Chetan Bhagat of the travel domain, shall take shape, in the essence of my articles. You can check out one of my rated articles at -

Makemytrip is probably the best thing to have happened to the travel domain, and with such a discerning customer care unit, that is "All Ears" for it's clients-maybe the rest of the "wannabes", ought to take a leaf from your book, on Customer service ethics- Kudos to the team!!.

Feedback: Dear Kusum,

Really appreciate your quick response on all ends-am really impressed with the Customer service levels of makemytrip, and am sure that i will be your customer, for a long time to come..

Best Regards,

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Nitin Singhal

Rinku Goel

About our customer: My name is Rinku Goel. I am 28 yrs old. I went to Malaysia on Honeymoon for first time. Me and my wife Divya Goel had a fun in Malaysia. She is 25 yrs old. We just love it out there. night life, shopping malls, zoo, KL Tower, Petronas Tower. etc. This is must go place for honeymoon and for fun.

Thank you once again just one question if you don't mind if i send mine and my wife picture together if you want to post it online on

Feedback: Well trip was fantastic specially Kuala Lumpur and Genting

Langkawi was ok but not bad either i would say 2 nights are enough in Langkawi. But hotel in Langkawi "Awana Porto malai" was excellent. it's back on the water. it has wonderful view. only thing is when we reached there it took us almost 2 hrs to check in other than that it was excellent. Breakfast was good, room service was good. i would recommend this hotel to everyone. if i go there again i would stay in this hotel again.

As for Kuala Lumpur it was great city happening place specially Friday night clubs disco shopping mall was full of people. there are so many things to see in KL. KL tower, Petronas Tower, Zoo, water fall there so many thing 6 nights are not enough you need at least 7 or 8 night to see and enjoy KL city life. its cheap and people are nice, polite. Friday night you could enjoy night life go to discos club and pub drink and dance watch movies its safe to walk around even at night no body will bother you. Shopping centers are good big huge. you need at least couples of hours to see one shopping center. you could find everything in one shopping center. from food to movie theater.

The hotel we stay in Grand Season Hotel. its good clean. we had a room on 16th floor. the room was in front i could the whole city. Even Petronas Tower world tallest building. i could see them clearly from my room. only one thing to check in it took us almost 3 hrs other wise it was good hotel great room service and breakfast was good.

We had a fun in KL. KL tower its a restaurant. its very expensive but its worth it to go there and eat. it almost 600 meter above ground. it revolving restaurant. food is great it had dinner buffet. its good.

Well we had a blast and good experience in Malaysia. i would definitely will go there once again.

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Rinku Goel

Krishna C

About our customer: I am 40 yrs old; work in Mumbai for an Indian financial services firm; love traveling and reading on travel among other hobbies.

Feedback: Thank you for your assistance in booking accomodation at Hotel Omasila, Leh We would like to place on record our appreciation for the excellent experience we had at the hotel. The facilities/food/room views are good and the owners and staff were very enthusiastic in going beyond duty to keep us comfortable at all times.Definitely would recommend to friends and relatives. Pricing could be an area of concern as there were 'better' deals available at other hotels; but we were hesitant to experiment..

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Krishna C

Vishwas Panjiar

About our customer: I am a chartered accountant working in a large consulting firm. I am married and have a small daughter. We love traveling for holiday, though the opportunities that we get are few and far between.

Feedback: Your services were Very impressive. I have patronised MMT for a long time now and in fact your colleague Anushka Bhoj is planning another holiday (overseas) for me. Also, I am in touch with another colleague of yours (MICE) for taking my team of over 100 for an off-site in November. MMT has been my client when I used to audit eVantage and I know that Deep and his team are extremely efficient. Pay my regards to him, in case you meet him.

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Vishwas Panjiar

MNVVK Chaitanya

About our customer: My full name is MNVVK Chaitanya and i work as research associate at The IIPM Think Tank, New Delhi...

Feedback: I wish to thank both of you and as well your company, for organizing our trip to malaysia...

It is indeed very seamlessly co-ordinated with out any hiccups...the entire transaction process is executed in most hassle free manner, wherein both of us (my wife and me) had a great time...

Once again, profuse thanks and you folks at makemytrip really rock

It was a lovely, trouble-free experience both for me and my parents and given that i called makemytrip when they were already at thiruvananthapuram station, i was truly amazed. they had a nice holiday.

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MNVVK Chaitanya

Priya Anant

About our customer: I am a freelance development worker. I travel a lot on work and pleasure. Our family (2+ a young kiddo)drives long distances and we like to go to places that are usually untouched. Some of our favourite trips have been to Ramgarh in Himalayas, Wayanad in Kerala and Bastar in Chattisgarh. Priya Anant, Hyderabad, 33yrs.

Feedback: I had made reservations for my parents who are based in calicut for a 2-day stay in thiruvananthapuram. i am based in hyderabad.

It was a lovely, trouble-free experience both for me and my parents and given that i called makemytrip when they were already at thiruvananthapuram station, i was truly amazed. they had a nice holiday.

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Priya Anant

Anuj Kumar Saxena

About our customer: I am a Working as a Software engg. in Bangalore.

Feedback: I would like to start the feedback right from the day i called up make my trip to arrange for this tour for me.

It was you (Shreya) who was dealing with all the formalities and details of the trip.

The explanation and the clarity with which you explained all the details was really great.

Our trip was to start on the 17th of July from Chennai, but due to some mistake from my end we landed up in some trouble. We missed our flight that was supposed to take us from Chennai to Portblair, and here were you (Shreya) again to our rescue.

When i told you about the whole issue you were very calm and composed, infact after listening to you i got the confidence that my problems are being dealt by the right person.

With in a span of 10 minutes you (Shreya) had rearranged the whole of the trip, it was simply amazing to see such efficiency.

Furthermore you always kept in touch with us during the whole trip and this was a really very warm gesture.

I really thank you (Shreya) for such a wonderful experience you gave to us and i would personally always want you to arrange for any of the tours i ever plan. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship.

Contact :
Anuj Kumar Saxena
Sachin Jain

I have booked my honeymoon trip to Manali. I must say that our trip was perfectly organized. Your superb assistance and hospitality made our honeymoon trip memorable . Resort Apple county was perfect for us.

I must say if anybody knocking MakeMyTrip he/she should find Monika only. I must say that your concern for your customers is remarkable and leaves a great impression of yours and ofcouse Makemytrip as well.

Vivek Arora

I am writing this mail to appreciate one of your travel consultants – Tarun Verma.

He is an asset to your company. It was my first holiday package from a web site company and I had a wonderful experience especially the service that I received from tarun,

1) His tone is very empathetic , he listens to you before suggesting a solution.
2) He mirrored my urgency ( the trip was booked , executed and utilized on the same day)
3) He worked in complete sync with the operations team and arranged everything in less than a few hours
4) He got back to me in the specified time
5) He shared his personal cell phone number to reduce my anxiety
6) He remembered my requirement and kept referring the same
7) In the absence of hotel vouchers, he sent a mail from his own side in less than a few minutes
8) He checked with me if everything was alright the next day
9) I asked for an invoice and it was sent to me in no time
10) His attitude is great

Amazing service.

I am a service quality consultant and add my strong recommendation to this executive.

Robie Thomas

We concluded our vacation and got back on Saturday (May 3rd) to Bangalore. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing and planning the vacation on a very short notice.

Overall the vacation was very well coordinated by your respective agents/partners in Malaysia (KL) and Indonesia (Bali). All information was readily available and the guides in the respective countries briefed us on the same. There was never a situation where there were any doubts in our minds of what the itinerary for the day looked like.

The accommodations in KL (i.e. Prescott Inn) and in Bali (Kinds Villa Bintang Resort) exceeded our expectations and hotel staffs in both these locations were courteous and assisted in making the stay comfortable.

Things that could be changed:

Although this was minor in nature and did not affect the overall trip/impression of the package, we were asked to pay IDR 150,000/- (i.e. approx 17 USD) per head as airport tax in Indonesia, I would have expected that this would have been communicated earlier to us.

I would surely recommend this package to my colleagues/friends for their travel needs.

Once again thanks for your assistance and providing a service that is very much in par with the best in the industry, if not better.

Lokesh Nathany

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful arrangements you made for the special award night of our annual sales meet at Jaipur. I must confess when you showed me the pictures of the proposed evening theme, they looked extremely good but I was not sure if the reality will be the same. I will have to dig my dictionary to find out appropriate words which can match the fantastic settings arranged by you. We had a sales meet last year as well but the benchmark that you have set in now, will put lot of pressure on me from next year. You have clearly “RAISED THE BAR”.

My team was completely drowned in excitement and madness as they have never received a treatment like this.

On behalf of my team, I owe you a very special dinner whenever I can.

If work or pleasure brings you to Mumbai, please be our guest as you have made the evening a very special one for every member of our family.


To whom it may concern,

I would like to write this compliment letter for mrs. Monika Bhasin - she has delivered an impeccable service! Monica arranged for me return tickets from BLR - AMS as well as assisted me in canceling an existing ticket and arranging a new one!

Her efficient and professional way of working - made the whole process as smooth as possible.

I would like to thank her for all the help, patience and efficient working style and I will have no doubt in asking her to make future bookings for me!

She is a pearl in your organization and you should be very proud to have mrs. Monika Bhasin in your team!

AP Srinivas

Thank you very much for taking efforts and ensuring me a good hotel room in Bangalore.

I really appreciate the service levels offered by you and the follow up done in order to offer the best I was looking for and the best you could give.

I would like to place on record my appreciation to you and make my trip team in putting such good systems to ensure online and offline support.
You have me as client from hereon.

Punit Jain

I know I am writing this mail very late. At least about a month later from the date of incidence.

But still, I can't resist myself in writing this mail for Gagandeep Kaur.

I had booked tickets from Mumbai - Bangalore Mumbai from makemytrip (booking ID FLT1257715).

i called up the call centre number and happened to talk to Gagandeep.

usually, when you prepare to call up in a call centre , you get prepared for a monotonous voice, a scripted response and a non-sympathic peice of speech from the other end. But this day it was just different.

Gagandeep was very impressive/friendly / helpful/prompt and what not. She was just so cheerful on the call that i felt “why all agents in makemytrip aren't like her“.

Wanted to bring this to your notice that how good an employee you have got.

Ahmed and Syeda

It was a pleasure booking flights with you. I have found both the website of and the customer service hotline number to be of EXCELLENT standard and help! Angad was especially polite, informed, helpful and gave superb customer service. I've worked with and dealt with many domestic and international companies and I must say, the customer service with makemytrip was unbeatable! Angad was kind enough to offer to call me back as I was calling from a calling card and ran out of minutes. Thanks for having such a great site and hope to do tons of business with you in the future!

Megha and Rahul

Firstly thanks for the extra efforts which you took to get our tickets for our honeymoon otherwise we would have lost one day at Maldives and also i am sure i would have been really sad for the same.

We must really appreciate, with the kind of situation we faced like our flight got cancelled at Lucknow due to which we had to cancel our flight from Delhi to Colombo with this situation you suggesting us to take a flight from Bombay so that we manage to get the same connecting flight from Colombo to Male. and to get all this things right on track you were sitting late in office till 9:00 pm which is highly appreciated. if we would have planned our trip by our own with this kind of situation life would have been tough for us, but you made it simpler...

Like they say there are lot of travel agency, all must be good but to get a right person from those agency who actually understands your problem is really difficult and i am sure me and Rahul are the lucky ones to get you.

One more thing, the arrangement made at Maldives and Srilanka was really nice, the resort was too good and Maldives is the place which we would definitely visit again. Must say that by making our booking through makemytrip we made a good choice.


Thank you Anush,

For resolving the issue so quickly and to my full satisfaction.

I really appreciate you having handled this so professionally and having kept me updated and reassured at all stages. It makes me confident enough to keep making my bookings on Makemytrip.


I had very good experiance with talking to you about my hotel booking at jaipur. I was talking to n number of people before & one of my friends redirected to you (makemytrip). After talking to you my search for the hotel had ended. It was good experience with hotel SURBHI PALACE jaipur.

I specially like your communication skills, friendliness in talking and the care that has been taken by you by making calls at appropriate time. This made me to reach to final decision in an hour. You have been a great help and extremely proactive in getting me this hotel booking at such short notice.

I would like to thank you once again for the same and expect the same in future.


Indeed the experience was awesome. I really appreciate your co-ordination to ensure that the holiday experience was amazing and unforgetful one. To top all the services provided to me, I really want to thank Asha (from Heat Travels) who made regular calls asking about my experience and any inconvenience that I would have faced and kept me updated about the next day plan.

Persons like him definitely can take any organization to the next level by there sheer commitment.

Overall I am satisfied with the services provided to me, the cab facility was awesome specially the cab driver Rajib was very polite and punctual. The hotels provided to me in Gangtok and Darjeeling were good. I some how did not liked the hotel provided to me in Kalimpong more for the service provided to me than the hotel itself. The dinner served to me in Kalimpong park was half cooked without proper spices.

Thanks again Mark, for arranging such a wonderful trip. I will look forward to Make My Trip for any further holidays.

Gaurav Sood
It was really a pleasure to be in touch with Hardik Mehta for my abroad travel as he was more than forthcoming and was always there at the first instance.

Persons like him definitely can take any organization to the next level by there sheer commitment.

And above all Make My trip is definitely best in the business.

I wish Make My Trip and Hardik all the very best.
Thank you very much for the prompt action in cancelling a duplicate booking which happened due to my computer fault. I am impressed with the courtesy and help extended by your staff when I contacted them on phone about my problem. I extend my appreciation in particular to Mr Nipun Sharma who handled my case expeditiously and with understanding.

Looking forward to more interaction with Makemytrip.
Sudip Chowdhury
Absolutely it was fantastic and the arrangements made by Make My Trip was enormously awesome. I am really delighted to advise some of my friends, relatives and known people to go ahead with make my trip for any of the future tours or arrangements.
Mrinalini Mukherjee
A big thank you to all those who helped with re-ticketing for my sister Sunayini Guha Thakurta. It is indeed a pleasure to learn that there are organizations such as yourself who commit to stupendous client servicing.
Cheers to your team!!
Uma Parvathy
I just happened to book a round trip Air Ticket From Chennai to Vizag and back and A hotel room to stay there. Geetika helped me through the procedure. I would like to make a special mention, that she was really sweet, very patient and helpful. You need more people like her to teach other people what customer service is. I am a soft skills trainer myself and I hardly come across people, who actually take customer service seriously. Very good. I wish her all the best for her future in the company and I hope she keeps up the good work.
Harish Mahajan
I would like you to take on record my appreciation at the professionalism exhibited by your staff . This is one of the few web sites at which the consumer service is par excellence . Your Phones / voice menu doesn’t go into a loop , it is short and the attendant comes strait on the line also the transactions are cleared with utmost speed and accuracy It has been a wonderful Experience dealing with your company and it gives me great confidence in using your company
Arundhati Chakraborty
I just booked my tkt- conf no 4917144.
The call was handled by Bharat- and I wanted to share that it was handled perfectly. Bharat was very careful listening to my request, did not make me repeat, was very polite and gave me the best options.
I head Opeartions myself- and its really good to see such good & efficient service on the phone.
Please thank Bharat on my behalf and there obviously good work being done by the Managers & the training team.
Pooja Gupta
An effort par excellence, which is worth the recognition. Thanks a lot for helping me out with my ticket booking and answering all the question on a day when you were off from work...
Must say your dedication towards your work and customer satisfaction has really impressed me ...
Thanks once again for all you help.
Prashant Mantry
Would like to thank the team of make my trip who have actually been of great help to me in this hour of an emergency need (in getting me a booking in Kingfisher), specifically Ms.Pallavi who had the heart to understand the problem and give the solution a human touch which is generally not found.

Thank you once again and this would go a long way in ensuring my loyalty towards makemytrip
Ganesh V
It was that part of my year when I was planning for an Holiday outside India. After a hectic year in my work life, I was just waiting for an angel who would help me in preparing my trip, all my VISAS and all this in reasonable prizes.
My major requirement was one agent who would set up everything for me and not make me wander around for various things both here as well as the place I would go...

One afternoon, while I was in office, a call came from Make my trip and fortunately I spoke to "Sushil Pandey" who inturn became my angel and created a wonderful experience.. Till this time, I have gone with my family for many trips within India by booking with Yatra, Travel Guru and so on but there system of communication just irritated me often as I had to keep a tab on the developments. I had planned to change the agent and Sushil was just too much of a gift for me and my family this vacation.

Not only did Sushil provide me an option of Thailand package but made sure that I was getting the best package.. Apart from this, he constantly followed up with me and made sure I was updated with the changes of the package, dates and even helped me with simplest of the details. It was just so nice to speak to Sushil and really appreciate his dedication at work!!!

He is truly a CUSTOMER HERO.. The facilities were just as promised and I was happy that Sushil did not exaggerate things unlike other agents..

With Sushil around in Make my trip, I would be happy to tour India and abroad during my holidays easily with my family.
Thanks Sushil for offering such good service and also appreciate the dedication you show each time I call you.
Ravneet Kaur
I'd like to mention here that if it wasn't for Deepak Taneja from MMT, we probably would have never found such an awesome hotel deal.  Not only was the location & accommodation perfect, the courtesy and effort that he put into arranging this is truly commendable.  I am a big fan of customer service and I believe there is no better way for a company to make loyal customers other than to have responsible and knowledgeable people like Deepak helping us lost souls and pointing us in the right direction.  It's a guarantee, my next trip will be through make my trip and I shall be recommending it to the world.  Kudos to your team and a million thank yours.
Biswanath Bhattacharya
No word is sufficient enough to express my gratitude for the service provided by Ms. Monisha. She is excellent, really excellent. Any institution can flourish if it gets such a dedicated and sincere employee. The way she tackled me, cajoled me and ultimately prevailed on me is quite remarkable.
I am working as Additional Director in premiere department of Govt. of Tripura and naturally I have to interact with numerous people coming from various strata of the society and thereby , I've acquired an uncanny quality of judging people from their conversation.
With this long experience behind me I can unhesitatingly say that she is one of the assets of the Make mytrip.  I wish her an excellent future!
Thanks a lot for facilitaing our trip.This was the second time I had used the hotel reccommended by Make My Trip in less than a year and I am very impressed with the service.I look forward for a continued association with Make My Trip.On both the occassions the Hotels reccommended by Make My Trip were excellent.Thanks a million for making our vacation a memorable experience
Aravind Manohar
I am very satisfied with the quality and promptness of service delivered by you and your company. You were very quick to respond to all my queries and helped me identify the best deal based on my budget. Thank you.
I am surely going to use MakeMyTrip as my ons stop shop for holiday planning.
Roopa Radhakrishna
This is to confirm that I have received all the E-Tickets through mail for all my bookings.
Also, I'd like to thank you for the outstanding job you have done by being attentive and patient all through our conversation. This will certainly take you a long way both in your personal and professional life...  However I would like to let reiterate that you have one of the best Team Member working for you  I can vouch that he is a very great asset to your organization.... Its because of Bhawuk that I will continue my association with Make My Trip and I want to do so.. simply because of his COMMITEMENT TOWARDS HIS JOB!!
Keep up the Good Job Bhawuk!!
Kapil & Gaurika
Thanks for organizing a wonderful trip to Goa. Everything went really smoothly. All parts of the trip - travel, accommodation were handled very professionally by you. The Radisson resort suggested was better than our expectations. We are really happy with your choice.
I would say that I had an excellent experience with MakeMyTrip. I would like to use the services of MakeMyTrip in future as well and also suggest it to my friends.
We had a wonderful time and everything went on as planned. The itinerary you sent me was pretty clear and everything was as per schedule.
I once again thank you for your help and support.
Sandeep Saigal
Thanks for arranging all. We just came back and had a nice trip and stay at Taj Fort Aguda.
MakeMyTrip deserves compliments for arranging hotel & tickets for me.
Ravi Kumar
Thanks. Your executives have been so nice and customer friendly and my sincere appreciation to you for the way you had worked for structuring my holiday. I am sure you are a great asset to MakeMyTrip.
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