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If there is one place in the world that truly embodies the have-it-all spirit, it has to be Dubai. Already home to some of the flashiest parks and to ... »

If you remember, a while ago, hand baggage tags were done away with at a few Indian airports, making security checks faster. Now boarding passes in I ... »

Here is some tragic news. After chiming every day for over 150 years, London’s iconic Big Ben has been silenced for the next four years. So if you ... »

It’s 2017 and small towns in India have been making quite a splash in Bollywood of late. From Bareilly ki Barfi to Ranchi Diaries, our movie makers ... »

Want to celebrate the spirit of a city? Write a song about it! Since its inception, Bollywood has popularized cities and towns from across India—so ... »

Authentic food will have an all new definition the next time you are thinking of ordering Japanese food. Granted it will take more than 30 minutes to ... »

If you are planning to visit a tropical destination this year, then we highly recommend you begin with Malaysia and Singapore in Asia. Discover the b ... »

Bullet Train, India: What Do We Know so Far Unless you’re living under a rock, you’d know that India is gearing up for its very first Bullet Trai ... »

Let’s get over the Apple vs Android fan wars and travel instead! The new iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10) 64 GB will cost somewhere around INR 89 ... »