Suryagarh Palace, Jaisalmer: An Oasis of Luxury in the Midst of the Desert

Meena Nair

Last updated: Apr 26, 2018

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If you like waking up in a castle and being serenaded by piper musicians during breakfast, even as peacocks wander about, then Suryagarh Palace in Jaisalmer is the destination to head for. It is not just the stay that entices you here, but the host of unique experiences that are specially designed to give you an exclusive taste of royalty. Here’s what makes Suryagarh Palace the perfect destination resort if you are looking for luxury in the heart of the golden deserts of Jaisalmer.

Arrive in Style

You will be picked up in an open jeep and led to the hotel by colourfully-dressed Rajasthani men riding on camels. You will soon be then ushered inside the hotel by a host of drummers announcing your arrival. Now, if you are not carried away by all this, just wait for the pistachio treat in your room.

Royal Rooms

Though the rooms at Suryagarh Palace are replete with modern amenities, each room has fiercely preserved the royalty of the bygone era. Handcrafted stone pillars, traditional chests, antique furniture, show pieces and crockeries stand testimony to time, and adorn many rooms. Most of the rooms open into huge verandas, where you can see the desert stretch into the horizon. Sunsets are a marvel to watch from here as the sand shimmers in golden hues—an experience in itself.

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Cultural Evening

Be treated to an exclusive musical performance by Mehboob Khan and family, who are Manganiyar artistes of international repute. They are famed for being invited by the governments of UK, Russia, and South Africa to perform before different audiences. Tell us if you are not mesmerised by their energetic performance!

Dinner on the Dunes

This is one of the most magical experiences that Suryagarh Palace can arrange for you, where they set up your dinner right in the middle of the desert. Make yourself comfortable in the traditional seating arrangements, and as you begin your drinks, be prepared to be captivated by Rajasthani musicians playing beautiful haunting songs. The aroma of the food being prepared on-site can get irresistible and soon you would be dining under the shiny starry skies amid fascinating fireworks. For this experience, do get your reservations done in advance.

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Exploring the Silk Route

An exclusive trip arranged by Suryagarh Palace, Silk Route will take you through a 50 km trail of abandoned villages, havelis and fortress across the settlements of Kanoi, Khaba and Lakhmana located in and around Jaisalmer. These are no ordinary settlements but places where, some 400 years ago, weary wealthy merchants would take shelter to rest, eat and protect themselves from harsh desert conditions as they travelled for trade for months in colourful caravans laden with loads of silk, tapestries, bronze and precious stones. As you undertake this trail along with an excellent guide, numerous stories of that era spring to life giving you a deep insight into the lives of the merchants.

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Chudail Trail

Yes, you read it right. It is the Chudail Trail, a never-before-heard-of experience. The journey begins after a late midnight dinner, where you will drive through cemeteries, thorny scrubs and forgotten sites near the Khaba ruins. The locals firmly believe in legends that these places are inhabited with spirits of those who were brutally killed or had sacrificed themselves in various instances. For instance, you will witness the spot where the ashes of women who died in Sati are buried. You will even be taken to a house where a young Brahim girl was killed by villagers because she was being eyed by a powerful king. The house is now home to bats and night animals, but still carries an unspeakable eeriness. Few guests claimed to have felt paranormal activities taking places in these sites. So definitely not for the weak hearted!

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