3 Star Hotels in Jaisalmer

Best 3 Star Hotels, Jaisalmer

Camp Rose Villa
Camp Rose Villa is located near Sum Dhani in Jaisalmer, just 55 kms. from the airport and 45 kms. from the railway station. There are vast a... more »
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Camp Rose Villa-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Rana Villa
2 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, 1 km from Jaisalmer Fort, Swimming Pool, Rooftop Restaurant and Gymnasium Located in the heart of th... more »
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Hotel Rana Villa-Reception.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Rana Villa-Hotel_Interior.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Rana Villa-Terrace.jpg, Jaisalmer
Mirvana Nature Resort
The resort offers untouched Rajasthani beauty, situated amongst desert wilderness. Come here to indulge in some camel safaris, interact wit... more »
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Mirvana Nature Resort-Tent_Room_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Mirvana Nature Resort-Mirvana-Nature-Resort-Premium-Cottage-1.jpg, Jaisalmer Mirvana Nature Resort-Mirvana-Nature-Resort-Premium-Cottage-4.jpg, Jaisalmer Mirvana Nature Resort-Mirvana-Nature-Resort-Premium-Cottage-3.jpg, Jaisalmer
Raj Resorts
Raj Resorts is located on Sam Road, near Kanoi Village, in Jaisalmer. The hotel is about 28 km away from the railway station. The nearby tou... more »
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Raj Resorts-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Raj Resorts-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Raj Resorts-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Jaisalmer Raj Resorts-Reception.jpg, Jaisalmer Raj Resorts-Room_1.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Heritage Inn
A 3-star property, 3.3 km from Jaisalmer Fort, 4.7 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station Located away from the city, Hotel Heritage Inn featu... more »
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Hotel Heritage Inn-Entrance1395139817360.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Heritage Inn-Hotel_Image1395139815184.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Heritage Inn-Swimming_Pool1395139817947.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Heritage Inn-Bar1395139815454.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Heritage Inn-Restaurant_11395139814729.jpg, Jaisalmer
Fort Pokaran Hotel
Fort Pokaran is a 14th century citadel that stands in the Thar Desert. Pokaran means 'the place of 5 mirages'. It stands on an ancient trade... more »
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Fort Pokaran Hotel -Khas_Mahal.jpg, Jaisalmer Fort Pokaran Hotel -Fort-Pokaran-Hotel--Deluxe.jpg, Jaisalmer Fort Pokaran Hotel -Exterior_View.jpg, Jaisalmer Fort Pokaran Hotel -Chandani_Mahal.jpg, Jaisalmer Fort Pokaran Hotel -Badal_Mahal.jpg, Jaisalmer
Rao Bika Ji Group of Camps
Located in the beautiful city of Jaisalmer, Rao Bikaji Camps offers accommodation for the guests in rooms with amenities like AC, mineral wa... more »
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RAO BIKA JI GROUP OF CAMPS-Camps_1_.jpg, Jaisalmer RAO BIKA JI GROUP OF CAMPS-Camps_2_.jpg, Jaisalmer RAO BIKA JI GROUP OF CAMPS-Camps_3_.jpg, Jaisalmer RAO BIKA JI GROUP OF CAMPS-Room_Interior_1_.jpg, Jaisalmer RAO BIKA JI GROUP OF CAMPS-Room_Interior_2_.jpg, Jaisalmer
Narayan Niwas Palace
Narayan Niwas Palace, a heritage property in its true sense, is a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern. While its structure and ... more »
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Narayan Niwas Palace-Reception.jpg, Jaisalmer Narayan Niwas Palace-Lobby_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Narayan Niwas Palace-Lobby_2.jpg, Jaisalmer
Mansarovar Guest House
The guest house is an economy class property that offers comfortable staying option with limited amenities. Mansarowar Guest House provides ... more »
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Mansarovar Guest House-Exterior_View_.jpg, Jaisalmer Mansarovar Guest House-Mansarovar-Guest-House-Jaisalmer-Room.jpg, Jaisalmer Mansarovar Guest House-Room_1_.jpg, Jaisalmer Mansarovar Guest House-Room_2_.jpg, Jaisalmer Mansarovar Guest House-Washroom_.jpg, Jaisalmer
Jaisal Castle
An elaborate 500-year-old heritage haveli, the Jaisal Castle was converted into a hotel 38 years ago. It is spread over a relatively large a... more »
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Jaisal Castle-Jaisal-Castle-Double-Deluxe.jpg, Jaisalmer Jaisal Castle-Reception.jpg, Jaisalmer Jaisal Castle-Lobby_1.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Registhan Guest House
Located in the desert area of Village Dhobi, Hotel Registhan Guest House features huts, tents, restaurant, and offers camel and village safa... more »
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Hotel Registhan Guest House-Hotel-Registhan-Guest-House-Jaisalmer-Deluxe.jpg, Jaisalmer
Himmatgarh Palace
Built of the same yellow sandstone as the Jaisalmer Fort, Himmatgarh Palace is a perfect counterpoint to the desert. It offers all modern c... more »
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Himmatgarh Palace-Parking_Space.jpg, Jaisalmer Himmatgarh Palace-Corridor.jpg, Jaisalmer Himmatgarh Palace-Restaurant_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Himmatgarh Palace-Swimming_Pool__2.jpg, Jaisalmer Himmatgarh Palace-Tower_Room_Washroom_2.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Desert Tulip
Hotel Desert Tulip offers its guests a decent staying option. The hotel offers a range of services and ensures that its guests enjoy a memor... more »
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Hotel Desert Tulip-Hotel-Desert-Tulip-Deluxe-Room.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Desert Tulip-Hotel-Desert-Tulip-Mini-Suite.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Desert Tulip-Hotel-Desert-Tulip-Apartment-Suite.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Dholamaru
A beautifully manicured lawn greets you as you enter the hotel complex. The lobby is decorated with beautiful artefacts like a mini canon, ... more »
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Hotel Dholamaru-Suite_Washroom.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Dholamaru-Standard_Twin_Room_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Dholamaru-Corridor.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Dholamaru-Restaurant_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Dholamaru-Swimming_Pool_3.jpg, Jaisalmer
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Oasis India Camps-Camp_Exterior_View.jpg, Jaisalmer Oasis India Camps-Oasis-India-Camps-Deluxe.jpg, Jaisalmer Oasis India Camps-Entrance_View.jpg, Jaisalmer Oasis India Camps-Room_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Oasis India Camps-Room_2.jpg, Jaisalmer

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