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Jaisalmer has a lot of properties for budget travellers. Jaisalmer budget hotels offer economical accommodation and that too with all the basic amenities. These hotels are present in almost every corner of the city; therefore, travellers can put up at any location convenient to them. Travellers seeking information on budget hotels in Jaisalmer can visit www.makemytrip.com.
Chokhi Dhani The Palace
Easily accessible from Jaisalmer Fort, Chokhi Dhani The Palace offers conferencing facilities, restaurant, bar and games room Located in Ja... more »
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Chokhi Dhani The Palace-Chokhi_Dhani_The_Palace_Jaisalmer_Royal_Suite_Room3_room.jpg, Jaisalmer Chokhi Dhani The Palace-Chokhi_Dhani_The_Palace_Jaisalmer_Royal_Room_room.jpg, Jaisalmer Chokhi Dhani The Palace-Chokhi_Dhani_The_Palace_Jaisalmer_Royal_Suite_Room1_room.jpg, Jaisalmer
Rang Mahal
Rang Mahal, located in Jaisalmer, is a 5 star property that has 60 Royal Rooms, 54 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Tower Suites and 1 Royal Suite. All rooms... more »


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Rang Mahal-Rang_Mahal_Jaisalmer_Royal_Suite_room.jpg, Jaisalmer Rang Mahal-Deluxe_Room_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Rang Mahal-Deluxe_Room_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Rang Mahal-Deluxe_Twin_Room_4.jpg, Jaisalmer Rang Mahal-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaisalmer
Chokhi Dhani The Desert Camp Resort
Located in the beautiful and quaint town of Jaisalmer, the Chokhi Dhani Tents provide an authentic Rajasthani holiday, surrounded by the de... more »
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Chokhi Dhani Tents-Hotel_Entrance.jpg, Jaisalmer Chokhi Dhani Tents-Chokhi-Dhani-Tents-Swiss-Tent.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Jeet Villa
3.9 km from Jaisalmer Airport, 2.8 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, 1.1 km from Jaisalmer Fort, Restaurant, Massage Centre, Wi-Fi (Free), ... more »
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Hotel Jeet Villa-Exterior_1_.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Jeet Villa-Hotel-Jeet-Villa-Super-Deluxe.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Jeet Villa-Exterior_2_.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Jeet Villa-Reception_.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Jeet Villa-Corridor_.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Vrinda Palace
Hotel Vrinda Palace offers Budget-friendly accommodation to its visitors. In order to make their staying comfortable, it offers facilities i... more »
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Hotel Vrinda Palace-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Vrinda Palace-Room_11.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Vrinda Palace-Room_21.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Vrinda Palace-Room_31.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Vrinda Palace-Washroom_11.jpg, Jaisalmer
Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes
Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes is a 2-star property where comfort, luxury and hospitality know no bounds. The hotel offers accommodation... more »
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Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes-Room_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes-Room_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Kurja Resorts Jaisalmer Sam Dunes-Washroom.jpg, Jaisalmer
The Taj Gateway Hotel Rawalkot
3.3 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station, 3.8 km from Jaisalmer Fort, 9.9 km from Jaisalmer Airport, Conference facility, Restaurant Located m... more »


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The Gateway Hotel Rawalkot -The-Gateway-Jaisalmer-Standard-Room.jpg, Jaisalmer The Taj Gateway Hotel Rawalkot -Taj-Gateway-Hotel-Swiss-Air-Conditioned-Tent.jpg, Jaisalmer The Taj Gateway Hotel Rawalkot -Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaisalmer The Taj Gateway Hotel Rawalkot -Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer
Royal Camps Sam
500 m from Sam Sand Dunes, Horse & camel safari, Restaurants, Cultural programs, Conferencing facilities Rated 3 star, Royal Camps Sam is l... more »
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Royal Camps Sam-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Camps Sam-Exterior_View2.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Camps Sam-Entrance_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Camps Sam-Exterior_View5.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Camps Sam-Exterior_View7.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Registhan Guest House
Located in the desert area of Village Dhobi, Hotel Registhan Guest House features huts, tents, restaurant, and offers camel and village safa... more »
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Hotel Registhan Guest House-Hotel-Registhan-Guest-House-Jaisalmer-Deluxe.jpg, Jaisalmer
Le Royal Camps
A budget property, just few minutes walk from Sam Sand Dunes, 41 kilometers from Desert Safari Located 42.4 kilometers from Jaisalmer Rai... more »
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Le Royal Camps-Exterior_View.jpg, Jaisalmer Le Royal Camps-Deluxe_Swiss_Tent.jpg, Jaisalmer Le Royal Camps-Deluxe_Tent_Washroom.jpg, Jaisalmer Le Royal Camps-Room_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Le Royal Camps-Room_2.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Jaisalmer Palace
A budget property, 650 m from Jaisalmer Fort, 1.5 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Jaisalmer Pal... more »
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Hotel Jaisalmer Palace-Facade.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Jaisalmer Palace-Lobby_2.jpg, Jaisalmer
About a 15 minutes drive from Jaisalmer Fort and Jaisalmer Airport, Suryagarh features gym, pool, spa, restaurant, coffee shop and bar Trav... more »


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Hotel Suryagarh-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaisalmer Suryagarh-Suryagarh-Grand.jpg, Jaisalmer Suryagarh-Suryagarh-Signature-Suite.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Suryagarh-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Suryagarh-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Jaisalmer
Royal Desert Camp
4.8 km from Sam Sand Dunes, Camel safaris, Open sitting areas, Entertainment programs, Dining venues Located in Gandhi Chowk, Royal Desert ... more »
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Royal Desert Camp-Exterior_View_At_Night.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Desert Camp-Royal-Desert-Camp-Jaisalmer-Room-2.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Desert Camp-Royal-Desert-Camp-Jaisalmer-Room-1.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Desert Camp-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Jaisalmer Royal Desert Camp-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Rose Villa
2 km from Jaisalmer Railway Station and 1 km Jaisalmer Fort, Hotel Rose Villa offers a spa, rooftop terrace, and free Wi-Fi connectivity. H... more »
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Hotel Rose Villa-Hotel_Rose_Villa_Jaisalmer_Deluxe_Room1_room.jpg, Jaisalmer
Hotel Siddhartha
On Fort  
Hotel Siddhartha provides budget-friendly staying service so that visitors can enjoy their tour in the fullest way. All rooms offered to th... more »
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Hotel Siddhartha-Hotel-Siddhartha-Jaisalmer-Standard-Non-Ac.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Siddhartha-Hotel_Siddhartha_Jaisalmer_Hotel_Siddhartha_Jaisalmer_Deluxe_Room3_room.jpg, Jaisal Hotel Siddhartha-Exterior11377069817849.jpg, Jaisalmer Hotel Siddhartha-Hotel_Siddhartha_Jaisalmer_Hotel_Siddhartha_Jaisalmer_Deluxe_Room2_room.jpg, Jaisal Hotel Siddhartha-Exterior21377069819786.jpg, Jaisalmer
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Jaisalmer Overview: Hotels in Jaisalmer

The beautiful culture, welcoming people and rich heritage of the city, Jaisalmer does not fail to etch a mark on the hearts of the visitors. The famous city of Rajasthan has the sheer essence of royalty. Jaisalmer means "the Hill Fort of Jaisal". The city has been named after the founder Maharawal Jaisal Singh. Often referred as the Golden City of India, the city has yellow sand and yellow sandstone monuments. The majority of inhabitants of the city are the renowned warriors or the Bhati Rajputs. The various Jain temples of the city, the Jaisalmer Fortress, Patwaon-Ki-Haveli, etc attracts a lot of tourists to the lands of Jaisalmer. The rich merchants of Jaisalmer have established magnificent havelis that are a real royal retreat. The place offers utmost entertainment to the tourists and assures a great vacation. One can stay entertained with the folk music recitals that are held at various places in the city. The earthy, natural, crisp and raw touch of Rajasthani music is pretty unique and overwhelming. One can also enjoy various folk dance performances. Bhavai, Chari, Ghair, Ghoomar, Kacchi Ghodi, Kalbeliya and Teerahtali are the various kinds of dances that keep the audience glued to their seats. The matka balancing dance in which the female dancer balances a column of brass pots on the head or the thali dance in which a dancer dances on a plate leave the spectators gazing and wanting for more.


Jaisalmer Hotels offer its guests the quintessential royal Rajasthani treatment. The very famous, Hotel Rang Mahal of Jaisalmer is all decked up with stone carvings and ornamented jharokas and is very proximate to the bus stand and thus very easily accessible. The lavishly designed hotel is sure to offer you utmost comfort. Hotels in Jaisalmer are built in traditional Rajasthani style. The Desert Moon Guest House is another great place amongst the various Jaisalmer Hotels. You can go in for the lavish and expensive Jaisalmer hotels or chose Cheap Jaisalmer hotels and Budget Jaisalmer Hotels. Allow makemytrip.com to Book Jaisalmer hotels and make your trip a memorable experience.


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