Thiruvananthapuram International Airport Flight Schedule

Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

TRVBLR IndiGo (6E 408) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 10m & Non Stop Book now

TRVBLR Jet (9W 824) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 10m & Non Stop Book now

TRVCOK Air India (AI 466) Check Time MTWTFSS 40m & Non Stop Book now

TRVMAA Air India (AI 968) Check Time MTWTFSS 55m & Non Stop Book now

TRVBLR Air Pegasus (OP 106) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 35m & Non Stop Book now

TRVBOM IndiGo (6E 176) Check Time MTWTFSS 2h 5m & Non Stop Book now

TRVMAA IndiGo (6E 315) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 15m & Non Stop Book now

TRVDEL IndiGo (6E 312) Check Time MTWTFSS 3h 10m & Non Stop Book now

TRVMAA Air India (AI 264) Check Time MTWTFSS 1h 40m & Non Stop Book now

TRVBOM Jet (9W 389) Check Time MTWTFSS 2h 15m & Non Stop Book now

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About Thiruvananthapuram International Airport

Trivandrum Airport History:
The Trivandrum airport was established by Colonel Goda Varma Raja in 1932 to set an aviation field in Trivandrum. He was a trained pilot who understood the needs of flights in the area for importing and exporting goods and for passengers of British reign. After independence, it became a domestic airport of the city and was maintained by AAI afterwards. In 1991, it was transformed to an international airport to run flights from here to Dubai. In March 2011, a new terminal was inaugurated which was equipped with all major services of that time and made this an international airport.

Trivandrum Airport Details:
Airport Name: Trivandrum International Airport
Address: Trivandrum International Airport, Thiruvananthapuram-695008 (Kerala)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +05:30 hours
Latitude: 08°28′56″N
Longitude: 76°55′12″E

Trivandrum Airport Terminals:

Terminal 1 and 2: Domestic: Domestic terminals of Trivandrum airport was used by domestic airlines to run services to all major cities of India. Major airlines which run flight from this airport are Jet airways, Air India, Kingfisher Airlines etc. These terminals are old terminals of this airport.

Terminal 3 - International: International terminal of Trivandrum airport run flights to Dubai, Kuwait, Sharjah, Singapore and Colombo. Airlines like Air Arabia, Oman airways, Katar airways, Silkair, Srilankan airlines and Tiger airways run international flights.

Cargo terminal: This terminal is used to maintain the import and export of goods from various countries to India and vice versa. It is located on the south-east corner of the airport where various cargo planes are loaded with goods to import or export them to various cities of India and abroad.

Facilities at Trivandrum Airport:

Baggage Services: Baggage services on Trivandrum airport are world-class which include baggage carousels, x-ray scanners and trolley services. Various other services are also available for old people to carry their baggage. Physically handicapped persons are provided with wheel chair facility and escorts to carry their luggage in trolleys.  

Places to Shop and Eat: As this airport is an international one, hence there are various shops which provide lots of items. You can buy various clothes, magazines, jewellery and perfumes from this airport which are provided by various shops. There are various eateries which provide all kind of food items.

Duty Free Shopping: Duty free shops are available on Trivandrum airport for buying items at retail prices. Also, these items are free of duty charges which are provided by various duty free shops on Trivandrum airport.

Connectivity with the City from Trivandrum Airport

Bus Stand: City bus stand is located at a distance of 6 km from Trivandrum airport. From the bus stand you can avail the facility of taxi or bus to reach the airport.

Railway Station: Railway station of Trivandrum is located at a distance of 4.5 km from the international airport which is directly connected with road.
Trivandrum Airport Authority:
Airport authority of India controls the services of Trivandrum airport. The authority controls services like security surveillance, cargo, custom services, air traffic control tower and baggage services. With these services Trivandrum airport authority maintains the proper working of all the services so that passengers don’t feel uncomfortable in any sense. This authority was established after independence. Cargo services are directly under the authority of AAI for security reasons. At the enterprise level, cargo services are also controlled by Kerala State Industrial Enterprises.

About Trivandrum (TRV)

Trivandrum lies on the west coast of India in the Western Ghats range, comprised of the lowlands and the midlands geographical regions. Due to its location along the Arabian Sea, Trivandrum city experiences a tropical climate without distinct seasons but observes high rain fall during monsoon season staring in July. The temperature of the city varies between 21°C to 35°C. Air travel is the ideal way to visit Trivandrum. Most airlines offer cheap flights for at affordable airfares. You can book air tickets in advance through online flight booking system. Enquire about flight schedule for Trivandrum Airport and book air tickets.