Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

HANSIN Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time -T-T-SS 3h 40m & Non Stop Book now

HANSIN Silk Air (MI 653) Check Time MT--F-S 3h 20m & Non Stop Book now

HANBLR Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time ------S 21h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

HANBOM Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time M------ 11h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

HANCCU Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time -T----- 9h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

HANCMB Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time ---T--- 23h 15m & 1 Stop Book now

HANCNX Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time -T----S 22h 10m & 1 Stop Book now

HANCPH Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time M--T-S- 23h 25m & 1 Stop Book now

HANDEL Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time -T----S 18h 50m & 1 Stop Book now

HANDPS Silk Air (MI 5875) Check Time MT-T--S 22h 30m & 1 Stop Book now

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About Silk Air

Tradewinds Airline was founded on February 21, 1989 and was re-branded as Silk Air on April 1, 1992. As Tradewinds, the airline catered to holiday destinations like Hat Yai, Kuantan, Pattaya, Tioman and Phuket. However, the transition from Tradewinds to Silk Air transformed it from a holiday resort airline to a complete regional airline. Silk Air flights range from short to medium haul and are quite popular among business as well as leisure travellers in Asia. Besides online booking, low air fare and readily available air tickets, Silk Air also offers an exquisite menu, bar services and good in-flight entertainment. Hospitality and service quality are the highlighting feature of Silk Air. Backed by a dedicated cabin crew and Silk Air has become a favourite of Asian passengers. The scrumptious cuisine served on board delight the customers. The airline has been declared the 'Best Airline (Regional)' by TTG Asia PTN Asia Pacific, for three consecutive years in 1995, 1996 and 1997. It went on to win the reputed award for 10th time in 2009 and features in TTG Asia's Travel Hall of Fame for the same. With a comprehensive schedule and widespread network, Silk Air has managed to become the indisputable leader in Asia region.

About Hanoi (HAN)

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. It is the second largest city and a fascinating combination of East and West. The city is considered as one of the main cultural centres of Vietnam where most of the Vietnamese dynasties have left their footprints. Due to wars, some of the relics of ruled dynasties are not existed. But, the city still has some of the most interesting cultural and historic monuments for visitors and residents alike that make it a wonderful tourist place. It is a dwell to number of museums such as National Museum of Vietnamese, Vietnam National Museum of Fine Arts, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Vietnam Museum of Revolution, Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo Prison), Air Force Museum - Bảo Tàng Không Quân, Museum of the Vietnamese Revolution -Bảo tàng Cách mạng Việt Nam, Museum of Ethnology - Bao Tang Dan Toc Hoc Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Contemporary Arts Centre, Vietnam Military History Museum, The Hanoi Museum and many others. Apart from museums, there are numerous famous temples, parks and lakes which lure large number of people across the world towards Hanoi. Some of the famous parks, lakes and other tourist sights are Temple of Literature - Văn Miếu, Ngoc Son Temple, Bach Ma Temple, Ho Tay - West Lake, Lenin Statue & Park, Ly Thai To Statue & Park, Hoan Kiem Lake and many others. It is a fun city where you can do all kind of fun whether you want to do shopping, enjoy food, drink and other entertaining activities here in Hanoi. The whole city is well-linked with transport services. So, you can explore the entire city by using public transport. At, there are number of Hanoi packages which are available for travellers. You can pick the best package for your family from It is one of the most famous travel portals which makes your trip budget-friendly as per your need and taste. Here, you can do online air ticket booking which will save your time. So, get ready to enjoy a wonderful trip with family and friends.