Airline Time Days Duration & Stops

BZVPEK Ethiopian (ET 831) Check Time -TW-F-S 23h & 1 Stop Book now

BZVPEK Kiwi Intl Air (KP 1013) Check Time -TW-F-S 22h 40m & 1 Stop Book now

BZVPEK Ethiopian (ET 861) Check Time M--T-S- 20h 55m & 1 Stop Book now

BZVPEK Air France (AF 897) Check Time M------ 34h 50m & 1 Stop Book now

BZVPEK Kenya (KQ 552) Check Time M------ 27h 45m & 2 Stops Book now

BZVPEK Royal Air Maroc (AT 279) Check Time -T----S 26h 35m & 2 Stops Book now

BZVPEK Qatar (QR 4599) Check Time -T----- 48h 50m & 2 Stops Book now

BZVPEK Ethiopian (ET 1018) Check Time -T----- 27h 20m & 2 Stops Book now

BZVPEK Ethiopian (ET 1030) Check Time ----F-- 27h 20m & 2 Stops Book now

BZVPEK Kiwi Intl Air (KP 45) Check Time -T-T--- 27h 20m & 2 Stops Book now

BZV Brazzaville Maya Maya Airport Brazzaville | Great Deals on Flight Tickets from / to BZV, Brazzaville at MakeMyTrip India

The Maya Maya Airport (BZV), also known as the Brazzaville Airport, is located in the capital of the Republic of Congo, the city of Brazzaville. A joint civil-military airport, the Maya Maya Airport is situated at an elevation of 319 metres (1048 feet) above sea level, and has an asphalt type runway with a length of 3,300 metres (10,827 feet) and a width of 45 metres (148 feet). In 2004, Maya Maya Airport served 447,699 passengers, and has 15 airlines servicing it, including Air France, Cameroon Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Royal Air Maroc, as well as other cargo airlines.

About Brazzaville (BZV)

The capital and largest city of the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville is located on the Congo River. Lying just across the Congo River, Brazzaville lures a large number of travellers from all across the world. One of the famous buildings includes St Anne's Basilica, which was built in the year 1949 by Roger Erell. Erell is famous for designing a house in the city for Charles de Gaulle. Some of the other famous buildings like Nabemba Tower and the Congressional Palace can also lure you with its first sight. The city is embedded with some other famous features which include the Marien Ngouabi Mausoleum, Brazzaville Zoo and the Poto-Poto School of Painting. The famous United States Embassy for the Republic of the Congo is also situated in Brazzaville. It is home to Maya-Maya Airport and Congo-Ocean Railway. It is linked with convenient transportation which allows you to move from one place to another comfortably. The most important River port with ferries sails to Kinshasa and to Bangui through Impfondo. Livingstone falls of Brazzaville lies on the outskirts of the main city, where the Djoué River adjoins Congo. The city mostly features a tropical wet and dry climate. Wet season runs from the month of October to May and is longer than its dry season that covers the other remaining months. Brazzaville's driest months are July and August, so don't make plans of visiting if you hate summers. Basilique Sainte-Anne of the Congo, Palais du Peuple, Markets of Moungali, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza Memorial, Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur, Le Palais des Congrès, Le Palais du Peuple, L’Ecole de Peinture de Poto Poto, Les Rapides in Djoué etc are some famous tourist destinations which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. is one of the most trustworthy and famous travel portal where you can book air tickets online. You don't need to stay in long queues any more as is here for you. Potential customers will get numerous profitable deals and choose the best as per their decided budget.