Airport name: Tuticorin
Address: Tuticorin
Tamil Nadu
Country : India
Longitude : 0780141 E
Latitude: 084317 N
Area: 188.57 acres.

Tuticorin Airport Flight Schedule

AirlineTimeDaysDuration & Stops

TCRIXMSpiceJet (SG 3592)Check TimeMTWTFSS 7h 10m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRTRV SpiceJet (SG 3592) Check TimeMTWTFSS 5h 50m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRMAA SpiceJet (SG 3592) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 20m & Non Stop Check Fare

TCRIDR SpiceJet (SG 3592) Check TimeMTWTFS- 7h 25m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRMAA SpiceJet (SG 3594) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 30m & Non Stop Check Fare

TCRIXM SpiceJet (SG 3594) Check TimeMTWTFSS 5h 55m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRCOK SpiceJet (SG 3594_ 3265) Check TimeMTW-FSS 5h 45m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRPNQ SpiceJet (SG 3594) Check TimeM-WTFSS 7h 40m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRHYD SpiceJet (SG 3594_ 3462) Check TimeMTWTFSS 8h 10m & 1 Stop Check Fare

TCRBLR SpiceJet (SG 3594) Check TimeMTWTFS- 7h 10m & 1 Stop Check Fare

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About Tuticorin Airport

Tuticorin Airport

Tuticorin is located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu and is located at a distance of almost 580 Km from Chennai. Tuticorin airport is located in Vagaikulam at a distance of 16.9 km from the city of Tuticorin (Thoothukudi). It is a domestic airport with a small runway and can handle a maximum of 75 passengers and a parking space for one small aircraft at a time. A master plan to upgrade the airport has already been formed by the Tamil Nadu government. The plan for major expansion of the airport is underway to augment passenger aircraft and cargo handling capacities. Twenty one acres of land have already been identified by the Airports Authority of India to be acquired from Defense authorities and Tamil Nadu government had been asked to provide nearly 600 acres of land to the Airports Authority of India for development and expansion of the same.

Tuticorin Airport Terminals::

Domestic: The Tuticorin Airport only supports domestic flights and serves in the best manner by connecting the city with all the major cities and destinations.

Facilities at Airport:

Baggage and Services: Although Tuticorin airport is small in size it is very well equipped with facilities like baggage services and wheel chair friendly environment for physically challenged free of cost, special arrangement for baggage handling of senior citizens is in place which comes at no extra cost.

Places to Shop: Tuticorin Airport falls in the category of small airports so the prospects and venues of shopping on the premises of the airport itself are very scanty and beyond the capacity of the airport, so the airport itself is devoid of any merchant establishments as such.

Places to Eat: The airport being small in size does not experience much of air traffic so there is a quaint little snack kiosk called Kajah Tea which caters to the local needs and is cozy and hygienic.

Connectivity with the city:

Tuticorin airport is very well connected with the city. Located at Vagaikulam it’s just about 16 km from the heart of the city and has got enough transport options like taxis and bus service.

Bus Service: Nearest bus stop to the airport is located within a walking distance of just 1.5 Km from the airport.

Railway connectivity: Nearest railway station to Tuticorin Airport is Tuticorin Railway Station which is located at a distance of 6.86 km from the airport.

Tuticorin Airport Authority:

Airports Authority of India (AAI) is the operator of the Tuticorin Airport and it manages the airport facility quite well and provides for the security and the up-keep of all the services, AAI takes care to revamp the facility and the services every year. The authority also manages the services like cargo and custom for security purposes.  Under the surveillance of the Airport Authority of India, the Tuticorin Airport authority supervises the administration and controls all activities in the airport.

About Tuticorin (TCR)

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