Airport Name: C.A. Agartala / Singerbhil Airport
Address: CA Agartala - 799009 (Tripura)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +5.5 hours
Latitude: 23°53′24″N
Longitude: 091°14′32″E

Singerbhil Airport Flight Schedule

AirlineTimeDaysDuration & Stops

IXACCUAir India (AI 744)Check TimeMTWTFSS 50m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXAMAAIndiGo (6E 438)Check TimeMTWTFSS 2h 55m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCU IndiGo (6E 886) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCU IndiGo (6E 6114) Check TimeM-WT-S- 55m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCU IndiGo (6E 294) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 10m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXAGAU IndiGo (6E 316) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCU IndiGo (6E 373) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 5m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCUSpiceJet (SG 264)Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 5m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCU IndiGo (6E 277) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h & Non Stop Check Fare

IXACCU Air India (AI 746) Check TimeMTWTFSS 50m & Non Stop Check Fare

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About Singerbhil Airport

Agartala Airport History:

Agartala Airport is located in the state of Tripura in India. It is just 12 km northwest from the heart of the city. The United States Army Air Force Tenth Air Force 4th Combat Cargo Group had used that airport during the World War II to fly C-46 Commando transport aircraft over Burma. During that time, the airport was also used as a supply point. The unit used to drop the pallets of supplies and ammunition from that airport. Until the unit moved to Chittagong in January 1945, the airport served the 4th CCG during December 1944.

Agartala Airport Terminals:

Terminal 1: the airport is well connected with all the major parts of India as well as many minor cities. There are various airlines which fly from the airport such as Air India, Air India-IC, Go Air, Go Business, IndiGo, Jet Airways Konnect, Jet Airways, JetLite, Kingfisher Red, Kingfisher and SpiceJet.

Facilities at Agartala Airport:

Baggage Services: Passenger will get the luggage trolleys to carry their baggage. One can even find baggage wrapping machine at the airport. The baggage service is quite good and you can easily carry your luggage in and out of the airport. For assisting physically challenged, wheel chairs with escorts are also provided.

Places to Shop and Eat: There are various things to eat and shop at the airport such as TR Book Stall, Handloom Handicraft stalls, Snack Bar, Tea Coffee bar and several Juice Counter as well as restaurants. Tea and coffee may cost between Rs. 50 to Rs.100 and snacks may cost between Rs. 80 to Rs 150.

Duty Free Shopping: There are few duty free shops available at the airport from where one can buy several stuffs at a very reasonable cost.

Connectivity with the City:

Bus: Agartala airport is approximately 11 km away from the bus stand. One can find a good number of private buses outside the airport. Apart from private buses, one can also hire taxis and auto rickshaws.

Rail: The airport is well connected with the railway station as one can find a good number of taxis as well as auto rickshaws which will take you to the airport within 20 minutes. The distance between railway station and airport is about 12 km.

Agartala Airport Authority:

Agartala airport is managed by Agartala Airport Authority which makes sure of providing world class amenities to the passengers. The authority also ensures comfort and safety of the travelers. There are some regular flights to Kolkata and Guwahati provided by the airport authority.

About Agartala (IXA)

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