Airport Name: Shimla Airport
Address: Shimla Airport
Shimla (HP)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +05:30 hours
Latitude: 31° 7’ 0” N
Longitude: 77° 9’ 0” E

Simla Airport Flight Schedule

AirlineTimeDaysDuration & Stops

SLVAMDAir India (AI 9804)Check Time-TW---- 4h 45m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVBDQ Air India (AI 9804) Check Time--W---- 7h 55m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVVNS Air India (AI 9804) Check Time-TW---- 10h 15m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVATQ Air India (AI 9804) Check Time-TW---- 9h & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVRPR Air India (AI 9804) Check Time-TW---- 6h 50m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVBBI Air India (AI 9804) Check Time-TW---- 10h 15m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVDHM Air India (AI 9804) Check Time-TW---- 8h 55m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVJDH Air India (AI 9804) Check Time--W---- 5h 55m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVIXC Air India (AI 9804) Check Time-TWTFS- 5h 30m & 1 Stop Check Fare

SLVDEL Air India (AI 9804) Check TimeMTWTFS- 1h 10m & Non Stop Check Fare

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About Shimla Airport

Shimla Airport History:

Shimla Airport is situated in the region of Jabarhatti in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This airport is made by demolishing the mountains and leveling the area to form a runway. The runway of this airport is of 1230 meters which can handle average airlines to land on this airport. The aerodrome of Shimla airport can store two medium size aircrafts at a time. Initially, flights by private jets were allowed on this airport but now a direct flight to Delhi runs from here. This airport is also used for the purpose of Pilot training by various government institutes to train ne budding pilots.

Shimla Airport Terminals:

Terminal 1: Domestic - Shimla airport has only one terminal which runs small planes and one major airline. Flights by Kingfisher airlines are available from Shimla to Delhi which runs on specific timings. Also private jets of VIP’s also land on this airport. Domestic terminal also serve trainers who train new pilots.

Facilities at Shimla Airport:

Baggage Services: Baggage trolleys and escorts are available on Shimla airport under the Baggage services which are provided by the airport. Scanners and security surveillance of baggage is also available on Shimla airport.

Places to Shop and Eat: There are various shops in and out of the premises from where you can buy souvenirs or other necessary material. Shopping complex is available on Shimla airport which also contains some eateries which serves fresh food to the visitors.
Connectivity with the City:

Bus: Jubarhatti bus stand is a nearest stand which is located 17.2 km from Shimla Airport. You can easily get taxis from airport premises to reach this bus stand.
Rail: Jatogh railway station is the nearest railhead which is located at a distance of 13.4 km from Shimla airport. You can reach railway station by the taxi service which runs to and fro from here.

Shimla Airport Authority:

Shimla airport, a public airport which comes under the authority of AAI. Airport authority of India made this airport to make it easy to reach Shimla as this city abode many farm houses of various important people of India. Also, Shimla airport authority maintains the imported goods which come to this city and exports crops, cereals and fruits to various part of the country via this airport.

About Shimla (SLV)

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