Airport Name: Mysore Airport IATA Code: MYQ Address: Mysore Airport
Mysore (Karnataka) Country: India GMT Offset: +5:30 hours Latitude: 12.2300° N Longitude: 76.6558° E

Mysore Airport Flight Schedule

AirlineTimeDaysDuration & Stops

MYQRJATruJet (2T 427)Check TimeMTWTFSS 6h 20m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQIXM TruJet (2T 427) Check TimeMTWTFSS 6h 25m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQMAA TruJet (2T 427) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 20m & Non Stop Check Fare

MYQCJBSpiceJet (SG 3006)Check Time-T---S- 6h 50m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQAMD SpiceJet (SG 3006) Check Time-T---S- 6h 35m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQIXG SpiceJet (SG 3006_ 1087) Check Time-T---S- 5h & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQCCU SpiceJet (SG 3006_ 524) Check Time-----S- 8h 5m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQPNQ SpiceJet (SG 3006_ 228) Check Time-T---S- 6h 40m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQDEL SpiceJet (SG 3006_ 507) Check Time-T---S- 7h 20m & 1 Stop Check Fare

MYQBLR SpiceJet (SG 3006) Check TimeM------ 45m & Non Stop Check Fare

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About Mysore Airport

Mysore Airport History:

Mysore Airport is also known as Mandakalli Airport. Mysore airport serve the city from all major airports of the nation. It is located about 12 km away from the city. This is a small airport with frequent operations. The runway in Mysore was built in the year of 1948. Only ATR (the smaller aircrafts) operate from the Mysore airport. The proposal of international flights from the airport was made in the year 2206 as the nearest international airport to the city of Mysore is the Bangalore international airport.

Mysore Airport Terminals:

Mysore at present has only one terminal which caters to the domestic needs and connects all the major cities of India through various frequent flights. Mysore is the nearest domestic airport connecting it with major cities of India, such as Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai. The terminal has the capacity to provide lodgings for 200 passengers. The terminal is well equipped with all the required amenities. The popular flights that can be taken from here for the journey are Kingfisher Airlines, Air India, and Indigo 6E, Jet Airways / Jetlite.

Facilities at Mysore Airport:

Baggage services: Passengers at the Mysore airport get baggage services to carry their luggage comfortably. The baggage services are quite good and quick that helps the passengers to travel worry free. The luggage remains safe in the trolleys as they are especially made for carrying heavy luggage.

Places to Shop and Eat: Passengers at the airport will find numbers of stores to shop and eat. Some of the stores that can be easily found are book stall, medicine store, juice and snacks corner, magazine stalls, etc.

Duty Free Shopping: People at this airport can buy products from various stores. The products of the stores are available at affordable charges without any taxes. Passengers will surely get perfect assistance to shop for things they need.

Connectivity with the City (Bus & Railway Station):

Bus: The distance between the bus stand to the Mysore airport is about 52 km. People can take taxis and cabs from outside the Mysore airport to reach the bus stand easily as it is at a reachable distance. Frequent services of buses are available at Mysore bus stand. One can take public or luxury buses to reach the destination comfortably.

Rail: At Mysore railway station, passengers can take various trains as it is well connected with all the major cities of India. The schedule of the trains is well maintained so passengers can timely reach to their desired destination.

Mysore Airport Authority:

Mysore airport authority manages each and every activity of the airport. The activities include checking services, security services, flight schedules, accommodation of passengers, cargo and custom services amongst others. The authority moreover tries to provide all the basic amenities to the passengers.


About Mysore (MYQ)

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