Airport Name: Kandla Airport IATA Code: IXY Address: Airports Authority of India
Civil Aerodrome
Kandla Country: India GMT Offset: GMT +05:30 hours Latitude: 23° 06' 42" N Longitude: 70° 06' 05" E

Kandla Airport Flight Schedule

AirlineTimeDaysDuration & Stops

IXYCCJSpiceJet (SG 2876)Check Time---TFSS 7h 20m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYHYD SpiceJet (SG 2876_ 703) Check TimeMTWTFSS 6h 55m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYBOM SpiceJet (SG 2876) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 40m & Non Stop Check Fare

IXYRAJ SpiceJet (SG 2876) Check TimeMTWTFSS 6h 25m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYCCU SpiceJet (SG 2876_ 487) Check TimeMTWTFSS 7h 30m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYBLR SpiceJet (SG 2876_ 415) Check TimeMTWTFSS 5h 5m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYGOI SpiceJet (SG 2876) Check TimeMTWTFSS 9h 40m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYCJB SpiceJet (SG 2876) Check TimeMTWTFSS 7h 35m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYJAI SpiceJet (SG 2876) Check TimeMTWTFSS 6h 25m & 1 Stop Check Fare

IXYIXE SpiceJet (SG 2876) Check TimeMTWTFSS 7h 10m & 1 Stop Check Fare

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About Kandla Airport

History of Kandla Airport:

Kandla Airport is also known as Gandhidham Airport that is situated at north of Kandla and Gandhipuram in the  District of Kutch of Gujarat. In 1950s, the airport was constructed. Passenger operation was started in 1960 by Indian Airlines using their Aviro aircraft and that was later followed by Vayudoot. Till 1999, Gujarat Airways and Jet Airways were operating flights to Mumbai. In October 2006, Air Deccan started operating daily air services from Mumbai to Kandla using ATR aircrafts. Spread over an area of 268.2 acres, the airport also has a terminal building that is capable of handling 100 passengers at a time. The apron is spread over an area of 5400 m2 and has two parking bays for ATR72 aircraft category. Navaigational facilities and Ground landing like NDB and PAPI are also available at the airport.

Kandla Airport Terminals:

Domestic Terminal: Kandla airport has a terminal capacity of about 50.Deccan Aviation, Kingfisher Airlines and Indian Airline are some of the major air service providers that are providing flight services to several other cities right from the airport.

Facilities at Kandla Airport

Baggage Services: Luggage trolleys and baggage wrapping machines are some of the services that are provided by the airport are great relief for the passengers as well. Wheel chairs with escort facility are available for physical handicapped people.

Places to Shop and Eat: Handloom Handicraft shops, Snack Bar, Tea Coffee bar and several Juice Counter as well as restaurants. TR Book Stall provides books; novels and magazines are available at the stores. There are also reserved lounge / executive lounge as well.

Duty Free Shopping: The airport has some duty free shops that provide cigarettes, cigars, perfumes, cosmetics and tobacco as well. You can find as such everything as per your need.

Connectivity with the City:

Bus: Gandhidham Bus Station is the nearest bus stand that is situated at distance of 7 km from the airport. From the bus stand, you can find buses for various other cities of the state and the adjoining one.

Rail: Gandhidham Railway Station is the nearest railway station that is situated at a distance of almost 9 Km for the airport .There is just a 15 minutes drive from the railways. You can take taxis or buses directly for the Railway station.

Kandla Airport Authority:

Kandla Airport Authority operations are controlled by the Airport Authority of India (AAI).Several facilities like ground landing options, navigational facilities as well as other set of primary requirement of the passenger and the aircraft are provided by the Kandla Airport Authority.


About Kandla (IXY)

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