Airport Name: Jodhpur Airport
Address: Jodhpur Airport (JDH)
Air Force Area
Country: India
GMT Offset: GMT +05:30 hours
Latitude: 26.263948 N
Longitude:  73.05055 E

Jodhpur Airport Flight Schedule

AirlineTimeDaysDuration & Stops

JDHJAISpiceJet (SG 2891)Check TimeMTWTFSS 55m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHDEDJet (9W 2552)Check TimeM--TFSS 5h 40m & 1 Stop Check Fare

JDHDEL Jet (9W 2552) Check TimeMT-TFSS 1h 40m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHBOMAir India (AI 646)Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 30m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHBOM Jet (9W 413) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 40m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHDEL Jet (9W 2556) Check TimeMT-TFSS 1h 35m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHSTV SpiceJet (SG 2892) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 40m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHDEL SpiceJet (SG 2696) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 15m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHDEL Air India (AI 476) Check TimeMTWTFSS 1h 25m & Non Stop Check Fare

JDHDEL Jet (9W 9707) Check Time------S 1h 10m & Non Stop Check Fare

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About Jodhpur Airport

History of Jodhpur Airport:

Jodhpur Airport is a civil enclave airport which is situated at a distance of 3.2 Km from the main city of Jodhpur. Some portion of the area reserved by the airport authority is used by the Jodhpur Air Base of the Indian Air Force. The Jodhpur airport has a 12 Acre civil enclave which contains a terminal building spread over an area of 5690 sq. meters which can handle 430 passengers per hour. There are about 7 Check-in counters and 3 Boarding Gates situated in the terminal premises. The airport has a concrete apron which measures 140 by 100 metres and 3 parking bays for 2 A320 and 1 ATR aircraft. The runway is as per 05/23 and which is about 2743 metres length wise and 45 meters width wise. Night Landing Facilities, Instrument Landing System (ILS) along with various sets of Navigational facilities like DVOR/DME and an NDB are available at the airport.

Jodhpur Airport Terminals:

Terminal 1: Domestic Terminal, Jodhpur airport has a domestic terminal which has almost 3 gates .The domestic airport terminal connects the city with several other cities of the state across India. Several airlines such as Air India, Indigo 6E, Jet Airways/ Jetlite, Kingfisher and Spice jet are providing their air services at the airport.

Facilities at Jodhpur Airport:

Baggage Services: At the airport, passengers are provided with luggage trolleys as well as Baggage carrying machine for carrying their baggage. The baggage service is quite efficient and it even makes the experience of people even more luxurious. The Airport authority provides several forms of facilities and amongst them wheelchairs facility is also available for physically challenged people.

Places to Shop and Eat: There are various sorts of facilities available for the passengers so one can find food points as well as shopping center at the airport. Cafeterias and several coffee shops, newspaper stalls are available for the customer experience.

Duty Free Shopping: Duty free shops are also available at the airport from where one can buy different types of stuffs at a very nominal cost. Different varieties of products can be purchased from these duty free shops.

Connectivity with the City:

Bus: Jodhpur Bus Stand is situated at distance of 8.7 Km right from the Jodhpur airport. Taxi as well as buses facilities are also available from the airport to the bus stand.

Rail: Jodhpur Airport is situated at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Jodhpur Railway station in South Jodhpur. Buses as well as taxis facilities are available right from the airport and vice versa for various other cities of the State.

Jodhpur Airport Authority:

Airport Authority of India controls the Jodhpur Airport Authority and provides all sorts of facilities in the region. As per the rules and guidelines of the Airport Authority of India, Jodhpur Airport Authority provides all sorts of customer service facilities and comforts. Jet Airways, King Fisher Airlines and Indian Airlines are some of the major air service provider that provides regular flights from the airport.


About Jodhpur (JDH)

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