India’s Top Travel Bloggers Share Their Most Useful Travel Tips

Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Last updated: Sep 1, 2017

Travel requires a lot of discipline, and frequent travellers often employ various hacks and tips to make their travel experience easier and more memorable. We spoke to five of India’s top travel bloggers and got them to spill their travel secrets.

Ajmira strongly suggests that you make it a point to converse with the locals and learn from them, surprise yourself with the offbeat sights they recommend, and always carry a scarf.

Ajmira has travelled extensively as a child and even during her masters in the UK. Currently, she is learning German, blogging, travelling and coming up with something new in the digital space. Her website:

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The most important travel tip according to Parampara is to be aware of your surroundings.Parampara is to be aware of your surroundings.

Parampara is a travel and entertainment blogger, digital marketer and creative entrepreneur. She juggles her schedule between marketing films on the internet, travelling, writing and building World Culture Network, a travel and culture based web channel and creator. Her website:

One thing Meghana swears by is mindful packing.

After passionately sharing, reviewing and exploring the best of travel and food around the world on Twitter and Instagram, Meghana is bringing it all together in this blog. With more than 29 countries and counting, she pens down all the stories, hacks and the fun stuff to evoke that wanderer in you. Her website:

Sonal suggests flexibility with travel dates to save airfare cost and travel off season.

Sonal is a digital nomad and travel writer who often sees a magical side of the places that she visits, which is reflected in her travel stories and photography. Her website:

Anindya emphasises on the importance of keeping various factors in mind while choosing a destination.

Anindya loves to travel and photograph to bring back offbeat stories from his visits. His works have been published in various magazines and he has won several accolades for his travel and food blog, which he runs with his wife. His website:

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