These Handy Honeymoon Travel Tips Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Neha Mathur

Last updated: Apr 3, 2017

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The “Big Fat Indian Wedding” is an event where everyone gets involved, has an opinion and needs an excuse to party. Families, friends, entire communities, photographers, caterers, event organisers… and oh, by a small insignificant margin, the bride and groom, all have a say, a part to play. Contrary to the minimalist involvement in wedding preparations, a honeymoon is something the couple can truly call their own. They plan their first holiday after marriage with a lot of thought, to make their honeymoon truly memorable. Right from planning the location, to booking the tickets, packing, transportation, everything is meticulously planned.

The honeymoon is definitely a process of bonding for the newly-wed couple, and we would like to make it absolutely stress free for you. So, here are some useful tips for planning your honeymoon. Read on and thank us later.

Pick the Destination


The perfect honeymoon destination is a myth. A destination is not perfect, but the destination and type of holiday you choose should be perfect for you and your partner.  The perfect destination should be aligned with the type of honeymoon you both would like to go for. Even though this process cannot be entirely clinical and methodical, here are some steps to help you be on the right track:

Step 1: Discuss what kind of holiday you would like to go for; Romantic or adventurous, peaceful or exciting, road-trip or luxury cruise, culture or nature. Taking a call on these really help narrow down the destinations you can plan.

Step 2: Once decided on the theme you would like to go with, list down 5 destinations which you think are aligned to your theme. There will be some crossing off, going back and forth (a lot of this), but at least it’ll give you some direction

Step 3: Read up about the destinations, and narrow down to the two most fitting ones. You’re already pretty close to picking a honeymoon destination, and more often than not the right hotel, holiday package, distance and budget are help you choose your destination.

Book Your Holiday


Once you decide the destination, book your holiday. In India there are 4 seasons: Summer, Winter, Monsoons and Wedding! Yes, there an entire season for weddings, and those 3 hour traffic jams are proof of that. To avoid getting stuck in a lock-jam of holiday bookings, it’ll be best to book your honeymoon well in advance. This is also something that’ll help you bond with your to-be-spouse. Keep in mind:

  1. Set a budget – Once you have a budget in mind, it’ll be much easier to narrow down the holiday, hotel and destination you want to go to. It also gives you an idea as to how much you’d be spending on this holiday, so you can plan and save for it. This will avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  2. Book a holiday package – Its almost always going to be cheaper to book a holiday, with flights, hotels and some sightseeing tours included in a package, rather than booking them all separately.
  3. Let them know about your honeymoon – If you’re booking online, check out the special honeymoon packages, that are designed specially for newly wed couples, understanding their holiday needs and expectations from this special holiday.

Choose the Right Hotel


Nothing dampens a romantic mood more than a bad hotel. A good time with your spouse can be ruined if there is water leaking from your room’s ceiling, impolite hotel staff to deal with and noisy surroundings. So, take special care to book the right hotel for your honeymoon. Here are things you want to consider while booking your hotel:

  1. Do your research – While impromptu holidays are great, a honeymoon is perhaps not the best time to experiment. Before you set out for this special holiday, do go through all your accommodation options, and pick one which suits you best. Read customer reviews and travel blogs about hotels in the area, speak to people who might have visited the place and go through the hotel ratings on reliable websites.
  2. Book in advance – A little bit of advance planning can save you a lot of scrambling later. Get the room and rates of your choice by booking well in advance.
  3. Inform the hotel about the Honeymoon – Letting the hotel know about the honeymoon will most likely result in good service and some special treatment. Most hotels also offer a honeymoon package, which allows many complimentary services, like a complementary dinner, a room with a good view,

What to Pack


Unless you want to be lugging two heavy suitcases and bags from place to place, you should really think of packing smart and packing right. Ladies, try as you might, you will not be needing all 30 pairs of shoes on your honeymoon, and you don’t need to carry a separate bag just to accommodate footwear. Men, you do not need to carry all your electronics, bulky sweaters and those extra camera accessories. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while packing smart:

  1. Plan your packing – Use the weather app on your phone, to check the weather at your destination, and pack accordingly. Plan the sets of clothes you will wear, and pack them together, to ensure you won’t leave out essentials or over-pack.
  2. Leave out the bulk – Leave out stuff which is too bulky, and taking up excess space in your bag.
  3. Limit your luggage – Avoid carrying too many pieces of luggage, as it is really a bother to carry all that, on airports, transfers, hotels, etc.
  4. Pack a good camera – Don’t underestimate the value of capturing memories through a good camera. Also, make sure you have enough empty space in the camera, to avoid having to delete some precious pictures in a hurry. Carry an extra memory stick to be a on the safe side. Years later, when you’ll look back at your honeymoon pictures, you will thank us!


A holiday is the best way to bond with a loved one, and a honeymoon is a holiday most people cherish throughout their life. As you take a step into knowing each other better, a honeymoon becomes a catalyst to the journey of your married life. We hope these tips make this special holiday memorable, and that you continue to travel with your love. Because, Dil Toh Roaming Hai...

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