How Digital India is Changing the Face of Travel

Namrata Dhingra

Last updated: Nov 27, 2017

Launched in 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign aims to ensure the electronic and digital empowerment of all citizens of India. Internet access and online services are therefore being made available to rural areas as well, thereby propelling India towards a comprehensive digital age.

While this digital revolution has transformed several facets of life in India, it has reformed the travel and hospitality sector in the most significant way. The initiative has led to easy and convenient travel planning, thereby encouraging more people to travel.

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Informed Travel Choices

Gone are the days when planning and booking a holiday was strictly the work of a travel agent, when fixed itineraries and group tours were considered the best way to see a new place, and when air travel was preferred only by the well-heeled. Increased internet connectivity has led to easy availability of information, more awareness among people, and simplified travel research. One is only a click away from the best available flights and packages, the varied accommodation choices, and trending holiday destinations.


Booking a Holiday Has Never Been Easier!

The Digital India initiative has promoted a cashless economy and convenient transactions through net banking, cards and online payment methods, thereby making travel bookings easier and faster. Add to that, availability of smartphones at cheaper prices and personal internet access, which has further encouraged the digital transformation of travel. Also, owing to the multitude of online travel portals and websites, and the growing competition between them, discounts and sales on travel bookings are often available, constantly attracting travelers and vacationers.

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New Age Travel Trends

With the coming of digital adaptation and new technologies, the travel industry in India has now undergone a revolutionary change. Here are 8 growing travel trends of Digital India:


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