10 Countries that Indians Can Travel to Without a Visa

Aditi Mathur Kumar

Last updated: Sep 15, 2017

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Macau: Dim Sums, seafood and hot pot (a soupy dish with a variety of vegetables and meat).


Hong Kong: The stunning Hong Kong skyline, view from The Peak, Symphony of Lights fountain show.


Mauritius: Shop for gorgeous handmade wooden ship models at the Ship Model Factory at Curepipe


Bhutan: Buying and selling of tobacco products is banned in the country


Mauritius: Rent a car instead of hiring a cab if you’re looking to explore offbeat places around the island.

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Travelling is fun but international trips can seem pretty daunting to some of us, especially where cumbersome visa processes are involved. But did you know that there are some beautiful countries that require no visa for Indians? Yes, it’s true! Pack your bags for these top 10 visa-free countries for Indians, because International travel never got easier!

1. Mauritius


Who doesn’t dream of the surreal beaches and stylish holiday resorts in Mauritius? Explore the beaches, reefs and lagoons, or get a taste of the street food. Take out time for Chamarel to see the various colours of the uneven volcanic surface there. Another interesting spot is L’Aventure Du Sucre, which is a popular sugar museum with its own sugarcane resorts in Mauritius? Explore the beaches, reefs and lagoons, or get a taste of the street food. Take out time for Chamarel to see the various colours of the uneven volcanic surface there. Another interesting spot is L’Aventure Du Sucre, which is a popular sugar museum with its own sugarcane fields.

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2. Fiji

The magnificent, sun-kissed and stunning 333 islands of Fiji are tucked away in the South Pacific, close to Australia and New Zealand, and are at the top of every travellers bucket list. During your trip to this quintessential island paradise, do not miss out on Kula Eco Park for a tryst with Fiji’s extensive flora and fauna.  Or, try snorkelling or jet skiing at the beautiful Denarau Island. 

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3. Hong Kong 

Hong Kong

Markets, pubs, restaurants, glittering skyline and oodles of entertainment – Honk Kong is always buzzing with life. A visit to Hong Kong requires you to fill up an online form before your visit and it’s as easy as taking a quiz on Facebook, really. Disneyland Hong Kong is a must visit, along with Lantau Island when you go to Hong Kong. For shopping addicts, Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Market are the best places to go. 

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4. Jamaica

Make an impromptu plan to this Caribbean island nation to revel in its lush rainforests and reef-lined beaches. If you are up for a little adventure, climb the Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, or see the Blue Mountains National Park which is famous for its coffee, but also offers a splendid hike up the hills.

5. Nepal

This neighbouring country offers exotic Himalayan beauty and sights that will leave you spell-bound. If you are an adventure junkie, or an offbeat mountain vacation enthusiast, Nepal is for you. Must see in Nepal is the Pashupatinath Temple, a famous Hindu religious site, and Boudhanath, a stupa which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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6. Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Snorkelling and scuba-diving on your mind? We say you pack your bags for Cook Islands in the South Pacific! This group of 15 islands is scattered over a vast area, and have political links to New Zealand, but are still visa-free for Indians. We recommend you head to the Aitutaki Lagoon for an exceptional beach experience, and the famous One Foot Island. For some of the best local food experiences, the Muri Night Market is the place to go. 

7. Ecuador


Time to explore the abundant forests of Amazon, the famous Andean Highlands and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. The country lies on the Equator in north-western South America, between Colombia and Peru. Take a bus or taxi to visit the literal middle of the world, or the equator. You will also like Galapagos Islands, which is where Charles Darwin developed the theories of evolution. Interesting, right?

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8. Bhutan

At the eastern edge of the Himalayas, Bhutan is known to be the world’s happiest country. Check out the picturesque monasteries, the grand dzongs (forts), and hills and valleys that will leave you enchanted. A visit to Bhutan is not complete without a trip to Paro Dzong, the most popular and picturesque piece of architectural brilliance. Indulge in some Bhutanese cuisine, especially the Ema Datsi which stands for chillies and cheese—it is delicious! The Taktsang Monastery and the capital city of Thimphu are a must visit as well.

9. Samoa


The reef-bordered beaches and mountains that boast of gorgeous gorges and waterfalls will be the highlights of a trip to Samoa. This country offers a permit on arrival, but no visa documents are required. Dive into the famous Togitogiga Waterfall, or snorkel at the Lalomanu Beach. Another must-do thing while in Samoa is to witness the locals raising infant turtles at the Satoalepai Turtle Sanctuary in Savai’i. 

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10. Macau


Plan a vacation at the Las Vegas of Asia, and indulge in some casino games (if that’s up your alley), or see the interesting mix of Portuguese and Chinese characteristics in Macau’s buildings. This former Portuguese colony is famous for its casino hopping, which is something you should try. A visit to Taipa Village is also recommended, so is munching on the tempting Portuguese egg tart! 

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So you see, planning an international trip doesn’t always have to be a stressful or involve long process of getting your visa done. Just pick one of these visa-free countries for Indians and have the time of your life!

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