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Fares, Cancellation and Refund

Deccan follows a simple fares and refund policy. The dynamic fundamentals work around a ratio between the demand and supply on any given sector at any given point in time. The fares begin low across most ATR and Airbus sectors and move upwards closer to the last day.

On any Deccan flight on any given day, the first few seats are sold at low fares and then the fares move to the next price point. The basic principle that governs this is the fact that the earlier one books, the lower the fare. These tickets are available on first come first serve basis and can be purchase at any point of purchase.

On Deccan, travellers can cancel/ reschedule their tickets up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure. If the guest has cancelled the ticket within 4 hours of the scheduled flight departure, he/she will not be entitled to any refund / Credit Voucher and only the Tax (Passenger Service Fee) will be refunded.

In case the guest cancels a ticket prior to 4 hours of the scheduled flight departure, a sum of Rs. 750/- per guest/ per sector along with the transaction fee (paid during the booking of the ticket) will be deducted from the ticket value and the balance will be refunded (as paid) back to the guest. All refunds will be rolled back to the Point of Purchase where the original ticket was booked and needs to be collected by the guest.

Since the fares on Deccan are dynamic in nature, the differential fare is collected as below:

• If the applicable fare is more than the current fare, the difference amount will be charged to the guest along with a Rescheduling Fee of Rs.750/- per guest / per sector for either advancement / postponement of the flight.
• If the applicable fare is less than the current fare, a Rescheduling Fee of Rs.750/- per guest / per sector for either advancement / postponement of the flight will be charged and the difference in fare will not be refunded to the guest, under any circumstance.
• If the ticket has been booked through a Credit Voucher, the refund will roll back to a voucher and has to be utilized for travel within 180 days from the date of issue of this voucher. If the ticket has been booked partly by using a valid Credit Voucher and partly by a card payment, the refund amount will be rolled back as paid, partly to the Voucher and partly to the card, as applicable.
• There will be no cancellation charges for an infant.
• If multiple Guests are cancelled at one time then there will be only one refund generated.

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