The hand baggage limit permitted on board the Air India is controlled by the Bureau of Civil Aviation and it differs slightly from place to place in case of International flights but remains consistent in domestic flights. There is detailed information regarding the permissible baggage limits displayed on the official website of Air India which can be consulted before taking the flight to the desired destination. In case of domestic flights baggage exceeding in the size specified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation will be liable for payment there are various slabs for determination of permissible limits like weight and size in case of passengers travelling in first class the permissible limit is 40 Kg, in case of Executive class it is 35 Kg and 15 Kg in case of economy class. Infants will be entitled to one collapsible stroller/carry cot/infant car seat. With regard to the hand baggage permissible limits is the sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) is 45 inches or 115 centimeters beyond which the baggage will have to be checked in. A maximum permissible limit for any given piece of baggage is 32 kg and this rule is applicable across all the Air India Network be it domestic or International. In case of the International flights, general permissible limit for the passengers travelling First Class 69kgs, for the passengers travelling in Executive Class the limit is 69kgs and for the Economy Class the limit is 46kgs.