Top 5 Experiences in Ahmedabad You Must Not Miss

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Last updated: Apr 3, 2017

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The Hathee Singh Temple and the Bhadra Fort


The traditional Gujarati thali, khaman dhokla and khakra


Bandhani dupattas and sarees at Ahmedabad Haat


Drinking alcohol is prohibited in Gujarat. Visitors can get an alcohol permit on arrival which allows them to consume alcohol.


Ahmedabad is considered the second safest city in India after Mumbai, especially for single female travellers. But in case of emergencies, call: Emergency Help (At any time) - 108
Police - 100
Ambulance - 102 / 108

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Distance from Mumbai 442 kilometres

A bustling city in the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad might not be a favourite tourist destination but the city has its share of fun and unique experiences to offer for a quick weekend getaway. The land of smart businessmen and remarkably down-to-earth people, Ahmedabad charms its visitors with delicious food, amazing hospitality and colourful culture. Here are the top five experiences you can have in Ahmedabad:

Explore the City’s Many Temples and Monuments

Hathee Singh Temple


The Hathi Singh Jain Temple and the Ram ji Mandir are beautiful temples in the city that are testimony to the aesthetic appeal that is inherent in Gujarat. A visit to the Jhulta Minar or the Shaking Minarets is also a must-visit. Built in the Sidi Bashir Mosque, these unique minarets that sway when force is applied to the upper arch. The Bhadra Fort, on the east bank of the Sabarmati River, is also a popular tourist destination. Built in the year 1411 by Ahmad Shah of Muzaffarid dynasty, one of the main attractions of the fort is the Teen Darwaza or the Maidan Shahi.     

Sample Local Cuisine


Ahmedabad is the best place to sample authentic Gujarati cuisine. Be sure to try the Gujarati thali, which usually comprises dal, rice, rotikadhi and saag/sabji. Plus, Gujarati snacks are famous the world over: the khaman dhokla, the fafda and the khandvi.

If you’re looking for street food, Ahmedabad has some very good options! Try the kulfi from Ashrafi and khakra from Induben Khakrawala. Manekchow is another popular street food destination, selling everything from paapri chat to street-side sandwiches and chowmein. 

And if you thought Ahmedabad was all about vegetarian food, think again! Try haleem at Bhatiyar gali and kheema chops and mutton chaap at Baghdad Fry Centre.

Visit Ahmedabad’s Renowned Educational Institutes

A visit to Ahmedabad would be incomplete without seeing the campuses of National Institute of Design and Indian Institute of Management. Though not on the typical tourist circuit, these two prestigious academic institutes boast great architecture, expansive gardens and an amazingly well stocked libraries. Not to mention, some of the country’s best talent in business and art are found here.

Spend Some Time at Sabarmati Ashram


Nothing displays the down-to-earth lifestyle of the people of Ahmedabad better than the Sabarmati Ashram. The living quarters of Mahatma Gandhi, his personal articles like his spectacles and spinning wheel are well preserved in the ashram amidst echoes of his teachings.

Shop Handicrafts and Bandhani

​The tie-dye technique of bandhani is very popular in Gujarat, and Ahmedabad is a good place to shop bandhani dupattas and sarees. A great place to shop for handloom and handicraft is Ahmedabad Haat, where you can look forward to buying  traditionally embroidered dress material, bandhani from Kutch and Jamnagar, mirror- and pearl-work garments and much more. The rustic charm of the place will leave you spellbound. It’s a unique place where artisans, designers, buyers and visitors come together to create a festive atmosphere. You will also encounter folk dancers and drummers at the venue to greet and entertain you.

So, what are you waiting for? This time, when you plan a trip to West India, think Ahmedabad!