Porbandar: Where Gandhi Was Born

Ragini Mehra

Last updated: Apr 3, 2017

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A few scenes of the movie Gandhi were shot here!


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Distance from Delhi1199 kilometers

Porbandar, the small port town along the Gujarat coast is deeply linked to India’s history because of its association with Mahatma Gandhi. A place of extreme historical, religious and cultural significance, Porbandar offers a myriad of experiences for travellers of all interests and is the perfect place to learn about India’s colossal past. While visiting Porbandar, keep your checklist of the places to visit ready in order to get the true essence of the town.

Gandhiji's traditional Charkha | Photo Credit: Jigar Brahmbhatt/Wikimedia Commons


Kirti Mandir the birthplace and home of Gandhi ji, tops the list of attractions here. It houses a museum with some of his possessions and old photographs, a Gandhian library and a prayer hall. Here, the sight of the charkha and the echo of Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite bhajan Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram are sure to revitalise your senses.

Kirti Mandir | Photo credit: wikimedia commons/Dn9ahx


Did you know?

Legend has it that this small town was earlier referred to as Sudamapuri as it is also the birthplace of the mythological Sudama, Lord Krishna’s dear friend. Built in his memory, Sudama Temple, the most important of all temples in Porbandar, is a great tourist spot and is sure to bring you closer to the culture of the region.

Some more history…

Interestingly, remains of Harappan Civilisation dating back to 1600-1400 BC have been found in Porbandar. In fact, owing to its location along the sea coast, many maritime activities were carried out from here during that time which made it a flourishing trade centre.

A glance at Porbandar | Photo Credit: Jigar Brahmbhatt/Wikimedia Commons


Travel Tip: An ideal way to end your day in Porbandar is to stroll along the picturesque Porbandar Beach (also known as Chowpati), which is a great way to unwind and relax the body and mind. Also, don’t forget to take home local handicrafts like bandhani fabrics from here!

Visit the quaint town of Porbandar and experience the magic yourself.