5 Killer Reasons to Visit Goa in the Summer

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Last updated: Apr 17, 2018

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Fort Aguada, a 17th century architectural marvel
Basilica de Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Chapora fort
Portugese Settlements in old Goa


Watersports at Calangute Beach
Serene Dinner Cruise after a long day at the beach


Visit Anjuna Flea Market for handicrafts and trinkets
Head over to Calangute Market Square for Beachwear, sea shells, local handicrafts, trinkets and carpets
Head to Baga beach for exotic dresses and accessories


The beautiful Churches of Goa and pristine North Goa beaches
Click a few selfies at Chapora Beach
Click a good amount of pictures in and around Panjim


Tito's and Britto's at Baga Beach for some lip smacking food
Head to Curlies at anjuna beach for cheap drinks and amazing goan cuisine
The german bakery at Anjuna beach serves Goa's best pastries and cookies
Hit Navtara Restaurant if you are looking for some great food at dirt cheap prices

Want To Go ? 

What do you do in Goa? You go to the beach, you swim, you enjoy the water sports, you party, you devour the delicious seafood and you come back to your hotel.

But the million dollar question here is – how can you get the best of Goa in summer season? Without a doubt, it’s going to be hot and humid during the summers. Most of the party spots are shut during this time. But despair not brave ones! For there’s a silver lining to every cloud and there’s a party spot and beach for everyone who comes to Goa. As a student of partying, boozing, clubbing and eat-till-you-are-beat, let me list out how in some ways it’s better to visit Goa during the summer.

goa in summer
A secluded beach- a sight only possible during summers!


1. Super Economical

This is the best part that makes me fall in love with Goa and summer over and over again! Everything is darn cheap during the summers. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, from sightseeing tours to delicious food – you get amazing discounts on everything. A penny saved is a penny earned. I say – a penny saved, is a penny to be used on partying! You can enjoy the drinks, the beaches and the sightseeing – and all at a drastically reduced price. Need more reasons to go there?

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2. Shopping Extravaganza 

The shopping experience in Goa during summers – it’s just super awesome! The markets are lined with amazing goods at amazing price. You can get yourself all those amazing swimsuits you were dying to buy teamed up with some beautiful accessories at a dirtcheap price. The haggling is almost non-existent and there is no rush. Plus, all the money you save by way of discounted bookings can be put to good use here!

goa in summer shopping
Have fun shopping at the beach side stalls!


3. Few Tourists, More Fun, More Solitude

Well, a lot of people prefer to avoid the heat and thus they avoid Goa in summers. Well, they certainly do miss out on a lot of goodies. As a result, Goa is relatively less crowded during the summers. That means more space for you and certainly more fun at the beach! Cheaper fleets, real cheap water sports and an amazing view at your favorite points in the choice of your fort or beach.

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4. Parasailing

Oh yes! Goa, what a beautiful spot for the adventure of parasailing! The summers are the ideal season to try your hand at thrilling water activities in Goa and para-sailing is a must try! imagine getting a majestic view of the sea and the beach landscapes while being suspended high up in the air. Yes! nothing can beat that adrenaline rush. The activity is a lot more fun and costs a lot less during the summers. I did it, you should too!

goa in summer
Feel the rush of adrenaline; para-sailing at its best....


5. Camera’s Day Out

Yes, even clicking pictures is more enjoyable during the summers in Goa. How? It’s simple; during the summers the beaches are comparatively less crowded and so are the beautiful forts and churches. This gives you the opportunity to take your own time to click that perfect picture that you will boast about in the future!

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