7 Places That Look Fictional But Aren’t!

Shuchi Singh Kalra

Last updated: May 25, 2017

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Did you know? Hobbiton is an actual location in New Zealand, visited by tourists and fans of Lord of the Rings


Visit the stunning Alnwick Castle in the UK, which is the castle modelled in Harry Potter


Capture the breath-taking beauty of Aurlan in Norway, which looks like the real-life version of the little village in Frozen


Go for a jeep tour and wildlife safari at Pench National Park - embrace the inner Mogli in you!

Want To Go ? 

These should fuel in you some serious wanderlust.

Aurlan, Norway

What does it look like: Arendelle from the Disney hit ‘Frozen’

Left Image Courtesy: Frozen Official Site



What does it look like: Isla de Muerta from Pirates of the Caribbean 

Left Image Courtesy: Pirates of Caribbean Official Site


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Alnwick Castle, Scotland

What does it look like: Hogwarts from ‘Harry Potter’

Left Image Courtesy: Harry Potter Official Site


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Djerba Tunisia

What does it look like: Mos Eisley from Star Wars

Left Image Courtesy: Star Trek Website


Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India

What it looks like: The Jungle Book

Left Image Courtesy: The Jungle Book Official Site


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Kaua’i, Hawaii

What does it look like: Pandora from the movie ‘Avatar’ 

Left Image Courtesy: Avatar Official Site


Matamata, New Zealand

What does it look like: The Shire from Lord of the Rings

Left Image Courtesy: Lord of the Rings Official Site


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Head to any of these gorgeous places on your next vacation to live out your fiction fantasies!