Six Undiscovered Beaches of the Eastern Ghats

Devika Khosla

Last updated: Nov 14, 2018

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Think of beaches in India and Goa and Kerala come to mind instantly. What many of us overlook are the hidden gems of sand and surf in the Eastern Ghats that are scattered along the coast from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu. Relatively unexplored and most certainly not very popular amongst tourists, read on to know more about six undiscovered beaches of the Eastern Ghats.

Digha, West Bengal


A seaside resort town that adjuncts the Bay of Bengal, Digha is a popular weekend destination in the state of West Bengal. With shallow waters, there’s a “new” Digha beach that’s overtaken its older counterpart. Cleaner and less congested, the sand is clean and the water is shallow, making it ideal for a day spent swimming. The palm-fringed shoreline of Digha beach stretches for almost seven kilometres.

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Gopalpur on Sea, Orissa


With incredibly pristine sands and postcard views of blue blends in the horizon; it’s a wonder that Gopalpur on Sea remains relatively unexplored. This once commercial trading port, Gopalpur on Sea is a tropical paradise where the Bay of Bengal ebbs stretches of soft golden sand. The waters are a favourite for scuba diving and watersports like windsurfing, paddle boating and rowing. The sunrise and the sight of fishermen taking out their boats make for a beauty sight early in the morning in this laidback beach town.

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Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu


The temple town of Mahabalipuram may seem like an unlikely beach getaway. A UNESCO World Heritage Site along the Bay of Bengal, it’s here that the famous 8th century Shore Temple stands. Mahabalipuram adorns a picturesque shoreline where several chain hotels have built luxury beach properties. The Mahabalipuram beach is sun-soaked where along with beach bumming, water-sports like jet skiing and wind surfing are popular.

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Rushikonda, Andhra Pradesh


Rushikonda in Andhra Pradesh was once strewn with weeds and wild plants. Realizing the potential of its shores, authorities have worked to clean up the area and make it part of a proposed beach corridor program in the Eastern Ghats. With palm and mango groves and mountains as a backdrop to golden sands, the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal are inviting. Rushikonda is also where adventure enthusiasts come to parasail and surf.

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Chandipur, Orissa


The resort town of Chandipur lies on the waters of the Bay of Bengal that recede up to a few kilometres during low tide, making this event a grand spectacle every day. The beach is pristine and the dense groves make for a great place to relax and refresh. A fishing village, the sight of fishermen with their nets out to make their fresh catches of the day is quite a sight. Chandipur is also an eco-diverse zone and a habitat for horseshoe crabs that can be seen crawling around on the sand.

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Talsari, Orissa


With swaying cashew trees in the background, the sleepy fishing village of Talsari is yet to bear the brunt of commercialization. Absolutely pristine, the golden sands are devoid of crowds and noise. Serene and solitary, though the beach doesn’t boast of powdery sand, the waters of the Bay of Bengal are gentle and calm with undulating waves that caress the shore. Talsari also has backwaters that make it truly unique. 

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So, go off the beaten beach path and explore these pristine beaches on India's east coast. Where will you be heading to first?

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