Who Says Bali is Just for Honeymooners?

Rachita Verma

Last updated: Apr 3, 2017

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Handicrafts in Ubud Village Market


The oceanfront Tanah Lot temple is famous for sunset backdrops and has been the venue for many a wedding shoots.


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Jumbo prawns at Jimbaran Beach
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Want To Go ? 

I ticked Bali off my bucket list last month and still daydream about the beaches, seafood, the ocean cruise…sigh, if only you knew that feeling!

Truth be told, the week in Bali wasn’t just a vacation. It became much more than that. I enjoyed experiences that ranged from a cultural evening out to eating at a hilltop restaurant overlooking a volcano. Bali has so much to offer that no matter whom you travel with or what’s your idea of a perfect vacation, you will come back a happy soul. So without any further ado, let's see what Bali has in store for all kinds of travellers:

Family Folks

bali-shopping-food Foodies and shopaholics will have a blast in Bali! | Photo Credit: Rachita Verma


I went on a mother-daughter trip to Bali and had more fun than I would have with friends! From shopping for handicrafts in Ubud Village Market to having a whale of a time on the Bali Hai Cruise, the trip was nothing short of fabulous.

We took a stroll along the lively beach promenade area in Kuta that is thriving with nightlife and music, ate the (biggest) jumbo prawns along Jimbaran Beach, took cooking classes together…all in all, we had an action-packed one week!

Adventure Lover

bali-volcano How about a delicious meal overlooking a volcano? | Photo Credit: Rachita Verma


If your vacation involves celebrating the great outdoors, Bali certainly won’t disappoint. Aqua lovers can choose from snorkeling over coral reefs, thrilling  banana boat rides or parasailing above the stunning coastline. One experience that is totally worth it is scuba diving. Most of the day cruises from Seminyak or Nusa Dua offer scuba diving excursions at an additional cost.

If you’re looking for adventure on foot, head to the hills of Ubud. A short 2-hour drive from Seminyak, the lush green expanse is great for nature walks. If you stay there for a night or two, the main market area is 5-10 kms away from where the hotels are situated. While you're in Ubud, head to Mount Batur, an active volcano, for sunrise treks or enjoy a meal overlooking the volcano!

Spiritual Traveller

bali-temples Balinese architecture will take your breath away! Photo Credit: Rachita Verma


The first question I was asked when I landed in Bali was ‘you Hindu?’ with the brightest smile ever. The people in Bali love Ramayana and Mahabharat. From statues of Hindu gods to dance performances, Balinese people are very spiritual.

bali-taman-ayun Taman Ayun Temple is a masterpiece | Photo Credit: Rachita Verma


See staged Hindu sagas through a Balinese lens and watch the Kecak fire dance at the Uluwatu Temple. The dance happens at sunset in a sea-facing amphitheatre here!

Culture Enthusiast

bali-culture A painting depicts Barong, a lion-like figure in Balinese mythology | Photo Credit: Rachita Verma


Culture, be it in the form of wood carvings or traditional homes, is prominent on this island. The Taman Ayun Temple, with its multi-storeyed roof structures, is one of the best examples of Balinese architecture. The temple complex is so beautiful that you would want to spend an hour or two simply sitting and admiring the beauty!

If creativity is a big draw for you, head to one of the artisan villages on the outskirts of Ubud for silver, wood paintings and weaving.

Romantic Couple

From newlyweds to retired couples, Bali is a place for all ages to flock to, unwind and spend quality time. You can enjoy beautiful candle light dinners at the Seminyak Beach, buy your lady love unique Batik print clothes in Nusa Dua or take a luxury sailing catamaran cruise. Most of the hotels offer amazing spa facilities! Make sure to check beforehand for any complimentary drinks/hotel services. If you want to surprise your partner, have a photo shoot at the oceanfront Tanah Lot temple! It is famous for sunset backdrops and has been the venue for many a wedding shoots.


Having shown you a glimpse of life in Bali, I will leave you with this thought – go to a place where the smiles are constant, life is peaceful and the people are happy. Go to Bali!