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Saanya Malhotra

Saanya is known for two things: her excellent musical taste (read: Pink Floyd) and her magical ability to sniff out the best eateries in any locale. An avid traveller, and Economics student, Saanya does what she loves and loves what she does!

Saanya Malhotra's Blog Posts

They call Singapore the ‘Garden City’ and Gardens by the Bay is an initiative to transform it into a ‘City in a Garden’. Fo ... »

agatti travel guide

Situated on a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean, Agatti is one of the few Lakshadweep Islands that allows tourism. Due to its remote location, this i ... »


If your idea of a good vacation is some heart-pumping adventure, a visit to Aukland should definitely be on your bucket list. From bungee jumping a ... »

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Bollywood’s love for road trips has become quite evident in the recent years. Travel adds a certain something extra to the plot; whether it&r ... »

water kingdom

If you’re taking some time off with the kids, be sure to plan activities that can match up to their boundless energy levels! To meet their ex ... »


Along the slopes of the Western Ghats in Karnataka, is Coorg or what some might call, the Scotland of India. The lure of this place lies in the bea ... »

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They say good things in life come in small packages and there’s no better place to prove that rule than Gangtok. Nestled between the borders ... »

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From its serene natural beauty to the warmth of its people, the home town of Gautama Buddha is definitely one of the more underrated places to visi ... »