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Hotels in Shimla

Picture this- Wake up to misty mornings in Shimla, enjoying lights twinkling lights on hills far away and, a star-studded night sky and stunning vi ... »

Onam Celebrations

If you are looking for a reason to travel then we have the right ones for you in this blog. We bring to you five interesting events held in Septemb ... »


Whenever I think of Ooty, it conjures up a panoramic impression of ephemeral love and beauty in quintessential Bollywood style. Needless to say, Oo ... »


Road trips are an excellent way to relax and reconnect with your inner self after a long week at work. You find joy in small pleasures, even inconv ... »


A road trip is not essentially about the destination; it is about appreciating the essence of travel. The freedom to pull over and stop wherever yo ... »


For Indians, it is not easy to get a visa and clearance for Pakistan. The level of difficulty in achieving something made the country all th ... »


Want to plan the perfect vacation but don’t know where to start? Sea or mountains, peaceful or party, nature or museums, solo or group; so ma ... »

I love August! This month comes at the perfect time in the middle of the year with its bunch of long weekends and mid-week breaks so that overworke ... »

north east bursting myth

Being married to an Army Officer, I can safely say that I am well travelled and have had the good fortune of living in several different place ... »