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Arushi Chaudhary

A journalist by profession, Arushi has ventured into freelance writing to be able to do the two things she loves doing most – writing and spending time with her bundle of joy. When not writing, she likes to be in the company of books and food, or hitting the road to explore new places.

Arushi Chaudhary's Blog Posts

home chef experience

The true flavour of a destination can be discovered through its food – you know not just those popular dishes served in restaurants and road- ... »

As months of atrocious summer arrive, most of us are already exploring our options for a soothing retreat. With snow melting to make way for an all ... »

The Dal Lake in Srinagar is the poster child of Kashmir tourism. Also known as Srinagar’s jewel, this vast sheet of pristine, still water ref ... »

Once the summer capital of Bombay presidency under the British Raj, Mahableshwar, a hill station atop one of the highest reaches of the Western Gha ... »

Tirupati, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, has carved a place of prominence on the Indian map because of the famous Sri Venkateswara Temple dedicate ... »

The historic city of Mysore is famous for its glittering heritage as well as its awe-inspiring monuments. From the opulent palace that is now liste ... »

Imagine flying face-down over an all-natural mountainous setting the length of 28 soccer fields at a dizzying speed of 150 kmph. That’s exact ... »

Dotted with skyscrapers, steeped in cultural diversity and exuding a cosmopolitan vibe, the tiny island-state of Singapore has attained a cult stat ... »


Let’s begin with the ‘Heaven on Earth’ analogy because no matter how oft repeated, this remains the most befitting description of ... »