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hotels in udaipur

Udaipur is arguably the most sophisticated and scenic of the erstwhile Rajputana princely states. A land of pristine lakes, opulent palaces, and de ... »

Tour the South of France With Football!

Football fever is here and we’re all eagerly anticipating the showdown that lies in store. Waving our team’s rosettes, following the st ... »


Everyone is aware of France’s popularity when it comes to producing wine. And most would certainly be aware that some of the best French wine ... »

Adriatic coastline of Albania

From the idyllic beaches that dot the Adriatic coastline – often called the Albanian Riviera – to the cosmopolitan (with Communist remi ... »

world sapas day

On the 16th of June, stay out of the kitchens and head off to celebrate the World Tapas Day. No seriously, you need to. All the flavours of Spain ... »


Flying has become an occupational necessity these days. Even if you discount the use of flights for travel and leisure – chances are you will ... »


So, you’re planning a vacation abroad and since it’s going to be an extended stay, you’re looking for a way to stay in touch. The ... »


Or two-legged. I mean, birds are pets too. So are snakes. People have been known to tame ostriches in the past. But I digress. Going on ... »


A spectacle of unearthly natural delights, Iceland’s claim to touristy fame lies in the fact that it remains untarnished by the typical touri ... »