Antarctica: My Journey To The Frozen Continent

Swati Talwar

Last updated: Apr 3, 2017

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Antarctica is the only country to have no time zone


The clear night sky is perfect for capturing star trails


The famous documentary March of the Penguins was shot in Antarctica

(This blog chronicles the Memories Unlimited Vikram Gupta gathered on the International Antarctic Expedition in April 2013 sponsored by We were starry eyed while he recounted his chilled out adventures!)

The only continent with no time zone, no government, no permanent residents except Emperor Penguins and with temperature below -14 C. Welcome to the white world of Antarctica.

While I waited with baited breath for the White Walkers to jump at me and skin me alive (the mind plays games in such extreme weather conditions), I couldn't help but be overwhelmed at the wonder that is Antarctica. Untouched, pristine and overwhelming.

I was part of the International Antarctic Expedition, an annual event organized by Robert Swan, the first person in history to have walked to both poles. Aptly named 2041, the year when the Antarctic Treaty is up for review, it hopes to create a global team of leaders who will protect the continent.

This is my Antarctica story in 11 pictures

All members to the deck on Level 5. We have sighted an iceberg!.


Zodiacs: special inflatable rubber boats, that can bear impact with ice and carry up to 10 passengers from the ship to the dock and back.Can you spot the Zodiac in the picture?


First landing on Trinity Island and Booth Island.


Here humans are the outsiders (and rightly so!). Our presence is met with amusing behaviour from seals, penguins and sometimes even whales.


A leopard seal, one of the many animals in Antarctica, following the Zodiac for 15 minutes, bobbing its head out every now and then to take a better look.


Nothing above us but the sky, nothing ahead of us but miles of ice and water.




The Emperor Penguin. Did you know they have the longest uninterrupted incubation period of any bird, 64-67 days? Thankfully they were awake when we arrived!


Gentoo Penguins, one of the most popular animals in Antarctica, have a unique and adorable mating ritual. The male Gentoo penguins search for days to find the smoothest, most perfect pebble to present to their intended companion. If she approves, it's placed in the nest and a love story begins.


The only place of worship on the continent, The Trinity Church.


The experience of staying in our tents in sub-zero Antarctica weather gave a new meaning to the phrase camping under the stars.


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