Walking on Ice and Other Crazy Adventures That Await You in Ladakh

Smita Jha

Last updated: Mar 21, 2018

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Want To Go ? 

Looking for a real showdown with nature? There's no better place than Ladakh! Trekking, biking, cycling, mountaineering, paragliding, camping, white-water rafting, hiking and more - you'll get to do it all in Ladakh. So much to do, so little time; we know what you must be feeling.  So here’s a list of the top 5 adrenaline gushing adventure sports people are enjoying in Ladakh this season. 

#1 Biking at Khardung La Pass

ladakh adventure biking
A biker on his way to the amazing Khardungla Pass


It will be not be easy, and you'll keep twisting in your seat all the time tackling bends after steep bends trying to keep of the edge of the road. But then, you did not want it any other way, right? Welcome to Khardungla Pass, the highest motorable road in the world. A road widening exercise is going on in the whole of Ladakh, which means loads of cement, gravel stones and dirt along the path. So pray that rain stays at bay; or you'll end driving to the top through knee-deep slush of mud and stone. Excited already? Well there’s more adventure in store off the road.

#2 White Water Rafting at Zanskar

Rafting on River Zanskar | Photo Credit : babasteve/wikimedia commons


The best time to go rafting in Ladakh is in the months of May-June. Ladakh offers many scenic and swift-flowing rivers and streams. In recent years, Sangam - the confluence of Zanskar and Indus - has become one of the top destinations for lovers of white water rafting. The Zanskar gorge is simply spectacular. The sheer walls of the gorge rise thousands of feet from the river bed into oblivion. The river has several rapids up to Grade V and passes through some very rough terrain and remote places. Whitewater rafting in Ladakh is also the best way to experience the incomparable beauty of the region.

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#3 Camping at Pangong Tso 

ladakh adventure pangong
There’s no better way of experiencing Pangong Lake than setting up an overnight camp beside it 


The lake is bewitchingly beautiful. It has been airbrushed in God’s own Photoshop. Every colour and hue comes alive with a greater intensity and seems different at different times of the day. The sight is at its most magical at dusk, when the setting sun sets ablaze the brown hills, reflected as a golden shimmer in the blue water of the lake. Here, the most carelessly captured picture seems like a masterpiece in photography. So folks, do we need to convince you more to set up cam beside Pangong Tso?

#4 Paragliding from the Khardung La

ladakh adventure khardung la
Flying free over the snow-clad mountains of Khardungla


Paragliding was initiated in the Khardung ranges in the year 1996. Ever since, this adventure has beckoned adrenaline junkies. It is an awesome experience to fly with the clear blue skies above you and the dull hills below taking in the fresh air of the mountains. Paragliding opens up new vistas of Ladakh’s beauty which would otherwise go unnoticed. So, stop over at Khardung La while on your bike expedition to take a quick flight.

#5 Hiking up the Chaddar Trek

Chaddar Trek in progress in Zanskar Valley | Photo Credit : Natesh Rajgopalan


This is one trek which you need great physical fitness and endurance combined with even greater courage. Along the frozen Zanskar River goes the trail with unfrozen dangerous rapids keeping you company along the way. To add to the thrill is the freezing temperature of -30 degrees one has to brave, along with slippery icy rocks and difficult uphill climb. The approximate length of the trek is 105 kilometres to be covered over a week’s time. Trekkers need to wear their warmest clothes and carry sleeping bags and other amenities for camping at night in caves. There are several Buddhist monasteries to be visited along the way where one can find more peace and some rest.

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