5 Beaches Worth Visiting This Summer Holiday

Surabhi Shikha

Last updated: Mar 15, 2018

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Goa, Agonda Beach: Diving, catamaran sailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing
Maharashtra, Tarkarli Beach: Snorkelling, scuba diving and parasailing


Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra: Take a boat ride to see the dolphins up and close


Goa: Chicken Cafreal, a spicy preparation made using chicken, Portuguese spices, onions, cinnamon, and coriander


Varkala Beach, Kerala: The view from the cliff during sunset
Radhanagar Beach, Andamans: Plan an early morning trip here to click breathtaking shots of the pristine beach and the calm sea


When in Kerala, make sure you carry an umbrella or raincoat along as rain showers are frequent

Want To Go ? 

Summers are here. Holidays are just around the corner. I’m thinking vacation and I know you’re thinking vacation too. There are hill stations and foreign locales where you can head to but as you know there ain’t no holiday like a beach holiday!

In this multihued country of ours, there is no dearth of stunning beaches; some well-known and some waiting to be explored. So this summer vacation, pack your beach essentials and leave behind the worries of the world to travel to some of the best beaches in India. We present five of our favourite beaches around the country, each of them every bit marvellous.

Agonda Beach, Goa


One of the lesser-known gems of Goa, Agonda Beach is beautiful, secluded and serene. Tucked away in the southern end of Goa, Agonda is the best place to get away from maddening crowds and or if you wish to steal some moments away in seclusion. The beach is lined with palm trees and shores covered with white sand. Listen to the sea waves crashing, read, meditate, lie down or do absolutely nothing. (That’s what I would be doing there!). There are few beach huts and villas in the Agonda area that offer basic and decent accommodation. Good restaurants and shacks are also plenty.

Food for Thought: It is said that mobile connectivity is not very strong in the area. Now, that’s not such a bad thing after all, is it?

Cola Beach, Goa

Another unspoilt paradise in South Goa, Cola Beach is almost remote and epitomizes tranquility and the exotic beauty of Goa. While it is lined with the usual palm trees and soft sand there’s something spectacularly unique that sets it apart from other beaches; a fresh water lagoon that merges with the sea. So you see, you have the luxury of swimming in the vast sea and the shallow water of the lagoon!

There are several huts and tents in the area; both basic and luxury and few restaurants and shacks with decent food and drinks.

Food for Thought: Cola Beach might not be very easy to find. But then, what’s the fun if everything is served on a platter? Why not go and unearth this beauty and find it to be worth all the effort.

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Varkala Beach, Kerala


And as if the scenic beauty and backwaters were not enough, here’s another jewel in the crown of God’s Own Country. Varkala Beach in Varkala, also known as Papanasam Beach, is situated in a striking setting, around a high cliff covered with palm trees. Walk along the endless stretch of sparkling water and soft white sand, lie down, read a book, meditate, swim or simply take in the beauty that is Varkala Beach.

The view from the cliff during sunset is breathtaking so be sure not to miss that. For those looking to explore other attractions in the area, Sree Janardhana Swami Temple is located close to the beach and worth a visit. There are a number of good cafes and restaurants on the cliff apart from few shacks at the beach. Accommodation options are plenty and there’s something to suit every budget.

Food for Thought: Papanasam means washing away sins. It is believed that taking a dip in the water of Papanasam Beach will wash away all the sins in life. Who knew a beach holiday could do so much good!

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Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Fine white sand, sparkling blue waters, peace and quiet and clean, picturesque surroundings; Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island is almost dreamlike and paradisiacal. Perfect for nature lovers, couples and families alike, at the Radhanagar Beach you can take a dip in the crystal clear water to calm your senses, laze around, stroll or do anything you fancy! Also called beach number 7, Radhanagar Beach is considered as one of the best beaches in Asia. There are few accommodation options in Havelock Island; some of them located around the Radhanagar Beach.

Food for Thought: It is believed that the sun rays that bounce off the pure white sand at Radhanagar Beach have rejuvenating qualities. So here’s another beach holiday that would do you a whole lot of good!

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Tarkali, Maharashtra


This pristine gem in coastal Maharashtra approximately 546 kilometres away from Mumbai is a heaven for those seeking serenity. The fine, white sand and crystal clear waters are perfect to swim and soothe the senses. For the adventurous, there is the option of snorkelling, scuba diving and parasailing. There are few choices for accommodation by the beach and in the surrounding areas. If you wish to explore the area around the beach, do visit the Sindhudurg Fort.

Food for Thought: Dolphins swimming about is quite a common sight at Tarkarli. You can even take a boat ride to see the dolphins up and close. Now, that’ll be quite an experience!

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By Tania Seth

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