3 Star Hotels in Mandarmoni

Best 3 Star Hotels, Mandarmoni

Masara Beach Resort
Masara Beach Resort has a beachside location and offers facilities like a conference room, bonfire, outdoor games, hookah and travel desk. ... more »
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Masara Beach Resort-Exterior__View__1.jpg, Mandarmoni Masara Beach Resort-Exterior__View__2.jpg, Mandarmoni Masara Beach Resort-Exterior__View__3.jpg, Mandarmoni Masara Beach Resort-Exterior__View__4.jpg, Mandarmoni Masara Beach Resort-Exterior__View__5.jpg, Mandarmoni
Hotel Sonar Bangla
Hotel Sonar Bangla lies on Mandarmoni Beach, about 30 minutes' drive from Badalpur Railway Station. It has restaurant, garden and pool. Off... more »
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Hotel Sonar Bangla-Exterior_View.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sonar Bangla-Hotel-Sonar-Bangla-Mandarmoni-Non-Ac-Deluxe.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sonar Bangla-Hotel-Sonar-Bangla-Mandarmoni-Ac-Deluxe.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sonar Bangla-Hotel-Sonar-Bangla-Mandarmoni-Premium-Room.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sonar Bangla-Room_1.jpg, Mandarmoni
Debraj Beach Resorts
Beachfront resort, Only 25 km from Digha, Beach beds, Water sports, Bonfire & barbecue Location Debraj Beach Resorts is situated at Mandarm... more »
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Debraj Beach Resorts-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Mandarmoni Debraj Beach Resorts-Debraj-Beach-Resorts-Mandarmoni-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Mandarmoni Debraj Beach Resorts-Debraj-Beach-Resorts-Mandarmoni-Premium-Cottage-Ac.jpg, Mandarmoni Debraj Beach Resorts-Debraj-Beach-Resorts-Mandarmoni-Royal-Club-Ac.jpg, Mandarmoni Debraj Beach Resorts-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Mandarmoni
Hotel Kings Crown (Mandarmoni)
13 km from Ashapurna Devi Railway Station, Multi-cuisine restaurant, Coffee shop, Swimming pool, Facing the beach Hotel Kings Crown (Mandar... more »
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Hotel Kings Crown (Mandarmoni)-Hotel-Kings-Crown-Mandarmoni-Super-Deluxe-Ac-Family.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Kings Crown (Mandarmoni)-Exterior_View.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Kings Crown (Mandarmoni)-Room_1.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Kings Crown (Mandarmoni)-Room_2.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Kings Crown (Mandarmoni)-Swimming_Pool.jpg, Mandarmoni
Anutri Beach Resort
Featuring restaurant and pool, Anutri Beach Resort is within walking distance from Mandarmoni Beach and 15 km from Badalpur Railway Station.... more »
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Anutri Beach Resort-Anutri-Beach-Resort-Mandarmoni-Classic-Room.jpg, Mandarmoni Anutri Beach Resort-Facade.jpg, Mandarmoni Anutri Beach Resort-Saphire dbl_room.jpg, Mandarmoni Anutri Beach Resort-Pearl dbl_room.jpg, Mandarmoni Anutri Beach Resort-Emerald DBL_room1374052238793.jpg, Mandarmoni
Hotel Aqua Marina Drive Inn
Hotel Aqua Marina Drive Inn overlooks the Bay of Bengal and features a travel desk and open sea front restaurant. Overlooking the magnific... more »
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Hotel  Aqua Marina Drive Inn-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel  Aqua Marina Drive Inn-200x150_Hotel_Aqua_Marina_Drive_Inn_Mandarmoni_Room_3.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel  Aqua Marina Drive Inn-200x150_Hotel_Aqua_Marina_Drive_Inn_Mandarmoni_Room_4.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel  Aqua Marina Drive Inn-200x150_Hotel_Aqua_Marina_Drive_Inn_Mandarmoni_Room_1.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel  Aqua Marina Drive Inn-200x150_Hotel_Aqua_Marina_Drive_Inn_Mandarmoni_Room_2.jpg, Mandarmoni
Hotel Digante
Situated close to Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal, Hotel Digante is a beautiful resort, which offers comfortable accommodation and modern faci... more »
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Hotel Digante-Hotel-Digante-Mandarmon-Super-Deluxe-Ac.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Digante-200x150_Hotel_Digante_Executive_Room.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Digante-200x150_Hotel_Digante_Deluxe_Room.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Digante-200x150_Hotel_Digante_Rowhouse_4_Person.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Digante-200x150_Hotel_Digante_Rowhouse_3_Person.jpg, Mandarmoni
Hotel ADB Kanvas
At a walking distance from the Mandarmani Beach, Hotel ADB Kanvas organises beach activities and features a multi-cuisine restaurant. Soake... more »
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Hotel ADB Kanvas-Exterior_View.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel ADB Kanvas-Hotel-ADB-Kanvas-Mandarmoni-Grand-Van-Gogh-.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel ADB Kanvas-Hotel-ADB-Kanvas-Mandarmoni-Exclusive-Picasso-.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel ADB Kanvas-Exterior_At_Night.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel ADB Kanvas-Room_1.jpg, Mandarmoni
Hotel Sea Star
Situated at few steps from sea beach, Hotel Sea Star offers a multi-cuisine restaurant along with airport and railway station transfer at ex... more »
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Hotel Sea Star-6.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sea Star-7.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sea Star-1.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sea Star-8.jpg, Mandarmoni Hotel Sea Star-2.jpg, Mandarmoni
United - 21 Beach View
A 3 Star hotel situated on the Mandarmoni beach and 12 kilometers from Chawlkhola Bus Stand United - 21 Beach View features elegantly des... more »
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United - 21 Beach View-Enterance.jpg, Mandarmoni United - 21 Beach View-Exterior1.jpg, Mandarmoni United - 21 Beach View-Exterior2.jpg, Mandarmoni United - 21 Beach View-Exterior3.jpg, Mandarmoni United - 21 Beach View-Meeting Room1402669018011.jpg, Mandarmoni
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