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It's generally wrong to stereotype. Precisely why we love doing it. Without much ado, presenting 10 types of travelers you hate. Bu ... »


This post is about what is probably the most alien place on Earth, the kinds they make in movies spending millions on animation. This post is about ... »

It's snowing in the valley of Kashmir. Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and other areas are facing record snowfalls and cold. Srinagar for instance ... »

Having vent out my frustration over a desperate need for a holiday in this Simpson styled post a while ago, I was recently fortunate enough to trav ... »

Now what is a travel resolution? All I know is avoiding junk food, giving up alcohol and (talking about) exercising. Well, a travel re ... »

travel mistakes avoid

2013 is wishing us farewell. It’s time to set new resolutions, targets, and for some, travel plans. We tend to learn from previous years and ... »


Hollywood taught us a lot of things, good and bad. Drugs are bad, ETs only visit America, being mafia is cool and songs aren’t important for ... »


As Delhi completes 104 years of being India’s capital, we think there could be no way better to celebrate its unity in diversity than it ... »

Freedom Ship International is a Florida based company that is about to change the history of ships on earth. The company is building what is known as ... »