Howbadh Jablpur (HBG), Howbadh Jablpur Railway Station

Name: Howbadh Jablpur Code: HBG City: Howbadh Jablpur
Following is the list of all the trains starts from and pass through Howbadh Jablpur (HBG), Howbadh Jablpur :
Code Train Name Arrives Departs Stop time M T W T F S S
10002 Satpura Express 05:35 05:37 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58839 Nagpur Nainpur Jabalpur Passenger 07:26 07:31 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58865 Balaghat jabalpur Passenger 12:55 13:00 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58868 Jabalpur Balaghat Jn Passenger 18:10 18:20 10 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
10001 Satpura Express 19:20 19:22 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58840 Jabalpur Nainpur Nagpur Passenger 20:35 20:37 2 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
58870 Jabalpur Balaghat Passenger 22:25 22:30 5 min Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

More About - Howbadh Jablpur Railway Station

Know about different trains that are either starting or have stoppage at Howbadh Jablpur station are Nagpur Nainpur Jabalpur Passenger, Balaghat jabalpur Passenger, Satpura Express, Satpura Express, Jabalpur Nainpur Nagpur Passenger, Jabalpur Balaghat Passenger, Jabalpur Balaghat Jn Passenger.