Budget Hotels in Nanded

Nanded Budget Hotels

Hotel Surajkanwar
Suraj Kanwar is a budget hotel which is well located at Old Mondha in Nanded, Maharashtra. The location of the budget hotel is its biggest a... more »

Hotel Surajkanwar-l_4910_1354100018.jpg, Nanded Hotel Surajkanwar-l_4910_1354100091.jpg, Nanded Hotel Surajkanwar-l_4910_1354102706.jpg, Nanded Hotel Surajkanwar-l_4910_1354100257.jpg, Nanded Hotel Surajkanwar-l_4910_1354100181.jpg, Nanded
Hotel Ramakrishna International
Located in the heart of Nanded city is the Hotel Ramakrishna International. This is an absolute modern touch hotel, located centrally in the... more »


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Hotel Ramakrishna International-l_1078_1297069115.jpg, Nanded Hotel Ramakrishna International-l_1078_1297069305.jpg, Nanded Hotel Ramakrishna International-l_1078_1353995932.jpg, Nanded Hotel Ramakrishna International-l_1078_1297069422.jpg, Nanded Hotel Ramakrishna International-l_1078_1353995932.jpg, Nanded
Narmada Nihar Resort
Narmada Nihar Resort offers swimming pool, gymnasium and outdoor activities. At hotel's restaurant, the guests enjoy the most delectable an... more »
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Narmada Nihar Resort-Exterior_View_1.jpg, Nanded Narmada Nihar Resort-Exterior_View_2.jpg, Nanded Narmada Nihar Resort-Exterior_View_3.jpg, Nanded Narmada Nihar Resort-Entrance_Area.jpg, Nanded Narmada Nihar Resort-Room_1.jpg, Nanded
Bajaj Residency
Hotel Bajaj residency is located at the border of Nanded City. From the very beginning, the hotel targets the customers for business and lei... more »

Bajaj Residency-l_4913_1354104074.jpg, Nanded Bajaj Residency-l_4913_1354104253.jpg, Nanded Bajaj Residency-l_4913_1354104109.jpg, Nanded Bajaj Residency-l_4913_1354104291.jpg, Nanded Bajaj Residency-l_4913_1354104157.jpg, Nanded
Hotel UMA Executive Lodging
Uma Executive is a nicely established budget hotel which is famous for its service and warm hospitality. The hotel is well located at Shivaj... more »


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Hotel UMA Executive Lodging-l_4921_1354168605.jpg, Nanded Hotel UMA Executive Lodging-l_4921_1354168695.jpg, Nanded Hotel UMA Executive Lodging-l_4921_1354169006.jpg, Nanded Hotel UMA Executive Lodging-l_4921_1354168948.jpg, Nanded Hotel UMA Executive Lodging-l_4921_1354168605.jpg, Nanded
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Budget Hotels in Nanded

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