Transportation in Zermatt

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  • Bus

    Zermatt has a small fleet of electric and solar powered buses as the main mode of public transport here. You can travel for free on the Bergbahnen line during winters (from November to May) with any ticket for the Zermatt Bergbahnen (in the southern area) to MGP. There are two kinds of buses in Zermatt - the Green and the Red lines. The Green line links the lift stations of Klein, Matterhorn and Sunnegga as well as down to the train station. The Red line runs from Winkelmatten into the resort and to the Sunnegga lifts. You can differentiate the two buses by looking at their bumpers.

  • Rail

    The Swiss Metro system is the cheapest and most reliable transport system from Zermatt. Don’t forget to get the Swiss Rail pass to avail travel discounts.

  • Bicycle

    Bicycle rides are an efficient and eco-friendly way of exploring the town. Mountain bikes are also available for rent in Zermatt.

  • Horse Carriage

    Horse-drawn carriages and electric mobiles are used for commercial use and hotel transfers.

  • On Foot

    Zermatt is a car-free zone. While electric mobiles and horse-drawn carriages are used for commercial use and hotel transfers, you can easily explore the whole town on foot. Walking on the streets along River Vispa adds value to the tour and since Zermatt is a small city, almost all the attractions are about twenty minutes from each other.