Torcello Island in Venice

Torcello Island Overview

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Located in the northern side of the Venetian Lagoon, this small island offers a scenic vista to both tourist and locals. Once you are done with the usual sightseeing tour in Venice, you might want to take a quick break and transpose to a completely serene and peaceful island. This beautiful island also has historic reference and a walk here will take you to the architectural wonders in Venice like the Santa Maria Assunta church and the bell tower.

While you walk here, you would come across ‘Devil Bridges’ which are believed to have been built by a Devil or against the wishes of a Devil. Visit Campanile from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the entire Torcello Island. Although it is less populated, you would love to sip a drink or grab a quick meal here at one of the local restaurants offering a stunning backdrop.

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